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  • How Do Plants Survive Extreme Cold?

    It’s the middle of winter, and temperatures are plummeting below zero. This is common for a Minnesota winter, after all. However, as a homeowner, you probably wonder how the animals and plants can survive this unbearable cold? Many animals hibernate underground or fly south during the winter because their food sources are scarce. Vegetation, such as leaves and flowers, don’t exist. But how is … Continue reading
  • Why You Should Consider A Minnesota Edible Garden

    While the weather isn’t quite ready for a garden, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin to plan one for the next season. If you’re interested in having a unique landscape or garden, consider an edible garden. Edible gardens are ones that have plants and trees which offer fruits and vegetables. Not only will you have a supermarket in your backyard, but an edible garden can add a significant amo … Continue reading
  • Why You Should Hardscape Your Land During the Off-Season

    The colder months are typically considered the “off” season for residential and commercial landscaping. But did you know that this is the best time for a hardscaping project? Hardscaping is a bit different than landscaping. While landscaping involved the implementation of living elements to the yard (trees, shrubs, flowers, etc), hardscaping is the opposite. Hardscaping features typically i … Continue reading
  • Christmas Landscaping Tips

    Halloween is officially over, and for many, that means one thing: Christmas! Whether you begin decorating right on November 1, or wait until December, there are always great holiday landscaping tips. Here are the best Christmas decorating ideas that utilize natural elements. Using Natural Elements in Your Christmas Landscaping The most common way to decorate your yard for Christmas is by hangi … Continue reading
  • Fall Gardening Tips

    We all know some fall planning can help prep for the spring season. For many, fall is seen as the cleanup season: manage your soils, prepare sod, clean bed, etc. But what some don’t realize is that you can still have a thriving garden even in the cold Autumn weather. Planting spring bulbs and pulling out summer blooms will help tremendously with next year’s bounty, but there are excellent opti … Continue reading
  • The Best Ways to Boost Fall Curb Appeal

    It doesn’t take a whole lot of work to improve your curb appeal, especially during the fall. Many fall landscaping ideas are easy to implement. You can create a beautiful yet simple outdoor landscape with the colors of fall. Fall landscaping works with any budget. Whether you want to do a simple project or go all out, the sky's the limit when it comes to this festive season. Here’s how you can … Continue reading
  • The Benefits of Using Plants Native to Minnesota

    If you're planning a new landscaping project, one of the best routes you can go is to reintroduce native Minnesotan species to your garden. Not only are native plants naturally beautiful, but they are also highly beneficial to both your budget and the environment. Native grown plants help increase the biodiversity of your yard, which is incredibly important to our ecosystem. So if you’re in the … Continue reading
  • How to Grow and Care for Honeysuckle

    Honeysuckle is known for its tubular shape, nicely scented flowers. They’re fantastic for accenting walls and sides of buildings, adding another component of personality. Honeysuckles perform best when they’re overflowing, flowering tops are mostly in sunlight or just lightly shaded. While deer don’t eat Honeysuckle, Hummingbirds and other wildlife love to consume it. Below, you can learn … Continue reading
  • How to Grow Azaelas in Your Yard

    Azaleas are flowers that are easy to maintain and bloom beautifully. While more common in the south, they can be grown in Minnesota and can be a great addition to any garden. Azaleas can become a staple of your garden, you just have to make all the necessary steps to make it a reality. Here are some tips for growing Azaleas this spring. Choosing Azaleas The type of Azaleas you grow depends o … Continue reading
  • How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

    Spring is fast approaching, which means chore time begins for gardens. After a cold and cruel winter, it can feel overwhelming to get back into your garden. But it doesn’t have to be! While it might still be too early to start gardening, there are many things you can do to prepare your garden for the Springtime. Follow this checklist for a smooth and efficient garden prep. Make Sure Your To … Continue reading
  • What Is Perennial Ryegrass?

    For decades the long-standing contender for the ideal lawn grass was Kentucky bluegrass. Kentucky bluegrass has been the creme-de-la crop when it comes to a show-stopping landscape, primarily due to its rich and vibrant color. If you know a little something about different types of grass, you might be aware of a couple of other varieties of popular lawn grass: fescue and perennial ryegrass. Fes … Continue reading
  • The Top 5 Ornamental Plants for Fall

    Summer is over, which means it’s time to swap out for fall-friendly plants. While flowering plants tend to thrive in the spring and summertime, many beautiful blooms are available for fall. With the change in seasons comes a change in colors. Opt-in for profound harvest-colored arrangements, as these vibrant and autumnal hues, take the spotlight this season. Here is a list of flowers that are pe … Continue reading
  • The Definitive Guide to Willow Trees

    Willow trees are suited in moist, temperate soil, and need a lot of sunlight. While they can grow in virtually any climate, the stems are quite fragile and are prone to be broken from high winds and damaging storms, therefore they are not recommended to be grown in areas prone to such weather. That being said, willow trees are a fantastic choice for your home’s landscape. There are a wide variet … Continue reading
  • How to Grow Apples In Your Yard

    Apple trees can provide not just tasty treats throughout the season, but they can add to the aesthetic appeal of any yard or garden. It’s not quite as simple as sticking a tree into the ground and benefiting from the fruits of your labor, though. Here are some things to know about growing apples in your garden. Sun is Vital For apples to grow, a tree needs a lot of sun. ideally, an apple t … Continue reading
  • How is a Blizzard Defined?

    Contrary to popular belief, it is the wind and not the amount of snow that differentiates a blizzard from a snow storm. This is according to the National Weather Service, who’s definition for snow storm classifies a blizzard as a storm that has strong enough winds to blow snow resulting in low visibility. To be classified as a blizzard, a snow storm must feature winds as high as 35 mph that cuts … Continue reading
  • 5 Essential Autumn Lawn Care Tips

    We should never underestimate just how important it is to maintain our lawns. Aesthetically, lawns increase property values, complement landscape plants, and can even enhance the quality of our lives. A lush green lawn provides a blanket for families to picnic on, a soft landing for children at play and a soft cushion for bare feet. Scientifically, a healthy lawn is great for the environment becau … Continue reading
  • How to Control Erosion With Concrete Retaining Walls

    Believe it or not, but it is not just metal that can corrode. Soil erosion can cause serious problems for your home garden, so steps must be taken to control it. When water flows across the ground, it can damage the soil. The faster the flow, and the more exposed the soil, the more damage it can cause. To help prevent these problems, you can cover or plant the slope to help minimize erosion. On … Continue reading
  • The Best Materials to Use For Your Patio

    Many homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to make their homes more appealing. Whether that means increasing the living space or just making it look better, they are always trying to find something that works. Installing a patio can make any yard look better, and will provide a comfortable place for guests and family to enjoy the yard. Here are the most common materials used in patio const … Continue reading
  • Low Maintenance Shrubbery 101: The Basics

    There are many of us out there who love having an attractive and well-maintained yard, but do not necessarily want to put in all of the effort needed to make it happen. Luckily, there are low effort and low energy options that can help fulfill your need for visual appeal while not causing you to lift too many fingers. Shrubs, for instance, might be just what you need. They can be beautiful, do not … Continue reading
  • Landscaping Tips to Become More Energy Efficient

    The Minnesota climate is known for its extremes. It is very cold in the winters, and can get very hot in the summers. This can put a strain on your energy consumption and water usage. There are some things you can do outside of the home to help with that strain and keep your house warmer or cooler, depending on the season. They can also help conserve water as well. For Homes That Are Too Hot … Continue reading
  • 5 Mistakes to Help You Spot a Poor Ice Dam Removal Service

    A lot people think of rain when they think of leaky roofs, but leaks can happen in the winter as well. Tons of snow can build up on your roof over the winter season, and ice dams are the result. These hard blocks of ice put a strain on your roof and can lead to leaks as the water melts off. An ice dam removal service can help clear away the risk, but you must use a reputable service. Here are some … Continue reading
  • Useful Tips for Winter Gardening

    Winter might seem like a time when you can sit back and forget all about your garden for a few months, but you could not be more wrong. While there might not be anything growing, there is still work you can do to get the most out of the warmer months when they do come. Here are some tips and ideas for what you can do when the weather is too cold for growing. Winterizing This should be done befo … Continue reading
  • How to Take Care of Your Poinsettia Year Round

    The poinsettia has long been a Christmas favorite. Despite being native to Mexico, the poinsettia has become the plant to provide holiday cheer in millions of households. As time has gone on, poinsettias can now be purchased in many colors, shapes, and sizes. It is natural that you might want your new “Christmas plant” to last longer than the holiday season, so here are some tips to help keep … Continue reading
  • Why Deck Lighting Is A Great Option

    Installing a deck is an exciting way to upgrade your yard or home. The thing is, once you have put in a deck, you will probably want to spend time enjoying it day and night. There are few things more relaxing than kicking back on your deck on a nice summer evening. However, to do that, you will certainly need lighting for several reasons. Here are the benefits of deck lighting. Safety It pro … Continue reading
  • What Accent Lighting Can Do For Your Home

    As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, our homes are more often seen in the dark. That means that what your home looks like at night becomes more important. Outdoor lighting is a great way to keep your house looking appealing, and can even change how your home looks to others. One of the ways this is achieved is through accent lighting. Accent lighting is any lighting that’s purpos … Continue reading
  • What is That Powdery Mildew on Your Lawn?

    No one wants to see any abnormalities on their home lawn. There are many alarming things that can appear in the grass, including powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is a common disease caused by a fungus, Erysiphe graminis. The disease mostly affects Kentucky bluegrass and fescue. The disease starts when spores are released by the fungus. The fungus spends the entire winter resting on plants, and relea … Continue reading
  • How to Grow Organic Pumpkins At Home

    Anyone who has been to a country fair or experienced Halloween knows what a pumpkin is. It’s a large orange fruit, and is most often used for pies, decorations, and entering in competitions. Many people don’t realize that there are several different types of pumpkins. There are the large ones that go in competitions and also get turned into jack-o-lanterns, and there are smaller, tastier ones … Continue reading
  • How to Grow Your Own Apple Tree

    Being able to pluck a crisp and tasty apple directly from a tree is one of life’s little pleasures. Apples just seem to taste better when they go right from the tree to your mouth. The great thing is that if you have the room on your Minnesota property, you can have your very own apple tree. There are just a few things you should know, however. Here are some tips to help you grow your own apple … Continue reading
  • Minnesota Trees Threatened by the Two-Lined Chestnut Borer

    When the two-lined chestnut borer is around, oak trees in Minnesota are in danger. Otherwise known as Agrilus Bilineatus, the two-lined chestnut borer will attack any oak species, although red oak is its favorite. It like trees that are already weakened. If conditions like stress, construction, or drought have affected trees in a certain area, then there is a good chance that the TLCB will try to … Continue reading
  • What is Oak Anthracnose And Why is it a Threat?

    Oak anthracnose is a fungal disease that infects oak trees, in particular the White oak. The fungus that causes it is apiognomonia quercinia. Each year, the plants that were infected the year previous will spread the spores from rain and moisture that gets splashed in the spring to new growth. How Can You Spot it? Early in the season, the immature leaves start to show infection, the disease will … Continue reading