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  • What is an Ice Dam and What are its Potential Threats?

    You may be wondering, "What is an ice dam?" if you're not from Minnesota. While you do everything you can to take care of your family, you need to take care of your home as well. You should conduct regular inspections on your home throughout the year. Even minute repairs cause major damage overtime. An ice dam on the roof is one of the most common issues facing homeowners during the winter. Ice da … Continue reading
  • 3 Autumn Landscaping Ideas to Protect Your Lawn and Garden

    It is late in the year. If you live in a cold climate region, you might be wondering whether performing autumn landscaping ideas on your property is worth the effort.  Your lawn will likely be covered in snow soon. So why should you waste time making it look pretty? Autumn is a great time to for landscaping. Why? Because you have a great opportunity to provide additional protection for your … Continue reading
  • 5 Common Home Landscape Installation & Design Mistakes

    Landscaping is not as easy to get “right” as you may think. Just because something looks beautiful does not mean it is efficient. Although it is exciting to own a new landscape design, you should not simply “jump in” if you do not know much about landscaping. Landscaping involves planning. Poor design and installation can actually harm your property and will ruin your curb appeal. Addition … Continue reading
  • Top 4 Easy Ideas to Prepare Your Autumn Landscape for Winter

    It has to be mentioned: winter is coming. If you live in the Midwest, you might be feeling sad to see the beauty of summer fade. Knowing that snow is on the way, many homeowners give up on their lawn because they believe that there is no point in maintaining something that will soon be buried. However, fall is actually the ideal time to get to work on your lawn. If you give your lawn extra care wh … Continue reading
  • 4 Effective Tips for Healthy Organic Gardening

    A personal garden is a perfect way to grow delicious, organic food and to add some visual appeal to your property. However, there are mistakes and factors that can keep your garden from flourishing. That is why we have provided four organic gardening tips below that you can use to maintain a healthy organic garden. (more…) … Continue reading
  • Popular Landscape Water Features

    Water features can be a great addition to any landscape design. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful pond or a lively fountain, they can help bring life to your yard. There is quite a large variety of water features, each with differing prices and levels of upkeep, so here are some overviews of popular water features to help you choose the one that is perfect for your yard. (more…) … Continue reading
  • 5 Tips to Make a Small Yard Seem Bigger

    Fitting all the elements you want to have in a small space without it looking cluttered and overwhelming is a challenge. Here are some tips to make a small yard seem bigger that you can incorporate into your landscape design. Get the landscape you want everything you want with plenty of room to spare this season. (more…) … Continue reading
  • Keep Your Landscape Healthy With These Summer Landscaping Tips

    It seems like it just stopped snowing, but somehow the scorching hot summer is already upon us. Finally getting your yard green and vibrant is exciting, but keeping it from turning to a brown crisp during the summer is another feat altogether. Help keep your yard green and beat the summer heat with these simple tips. (more…) … Continue reading
  • Landscaping Your Pool Area – Dean Bjorkstrand

    A pool can be a great addition to your yard. Not only is it a functional amenity that will provide the family with activities and enjoyment, but it is also an aesthetic addition to your yard. The pool will act like a centerpiece to your yard, so it’s important that you plan landscaping in such a way that it compliments your pool aesthetically and functionality. A lot of it has to do with your pe … Continue reading
  • Five Plants You Want in Your Garden This Summer

    Having a beautifully vibrant but low maintenance summer garden sounds too good to be true, right? Not if you know which plants to use. It’s possible to have it all- a garden with beautiful, durable flowers that last nearly all summer and add color from the entire spectrum. Here are 5 plants you want in your garden this summer to help it last all season long. 5 Plants You Want In Your Garden T … Continue reading
  • Landscaping to Attract Wildlife

    Creating a landscape for wildlife The great outdoors can be enhanced by getting to interact with some of your local wildlife. Although you do not want wild animals living in your home, it is possible to get some local fauna to your living space with effective landscaping. There are four elements animals need to survive, and therefore four things you must provide in order to attract wildlife to … Continue reading
  • The Impact of Effective Landscaping on Home Value

    When preparing to sell your home, it’s wise to invest in proper landscaping to enable you to see the effects of landscaping on home value. It forms one of the strategies home sellers employ in efforts to make the sale more profitable in the long run. Investing in good landscaping could increase the value of a home by almost 14% due to a number of reasons outlined below: Curb Appeal A propert … Continue reading
  • Top 5 Winter Plants For Minnesota

    The climate in the Twin Cities makes it a difficult place to have a garden, but it’s certainly not impossible. While we may not be able to have the same selection of flowers that warmer climates allow, there are plants that we can grow that look beautiful topped with snow and even better in the summer. (more…) … Continue reading