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About Us

Dean Bjorkstrand Landscaping is a landscape and design company with more than 25 years of experience.

Dean is an expert in transforming outdoor living spaces into beautiful and inviting environments. Dean owns and operates the business and services clients here in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

Our team uses creative design concepts, computer rendered design plans, and high quality plant and hardscape material to extend your living and entertainment space outdoors. This consequently raises the value of your home.

Dean and his team are members of the Minnesota Horticulture Society and the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association. We stay current with industry standards, and have more than a decade of expertise in our industry. We undergo Master Gardener training every year since 2001.


About Dean Bjorkstrand

I have owned my own company in the landscaping and design industry since 1983.

You will find that my designs provide unique outdoor living spaces that add beauty, warmth, and charm to your property.
I will guide you through the entire landscape and design process, from concept to completion. In addition, I will listen to all of your needs and present you with a unique and creative design plan and proposal.

I am dedicated to providing my customers with quality work and will personally direct and supervise the installation of your landscape and design project both on and off site.

My commitment is to you, my customer.

Dean Bjorkstrand

About our crews

One of the many reasons why our customer satisfaction is so high is because of our crew size. We have two professionally skilled crews — in teams of two to four members — that provide quality work. A smaller crew size enables me to personally supervise all projects that we install, ensuring that your design meets your expectations.

Our employees work here because they are good at what they do — they are creative, polite to our customers, and maintain a high standard of safety and performance from start to finish.