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With exceptional customer service and a skilled and knowledgeable staff, Dean Bjorkstrand is the top choice among landscaping services in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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    Garden Design

    Since the 1980s, Dean Bjorkstrand has taken pride in offering Minneapolis clients with fast, dependable and professional garden design services. Learn More.

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    Gutter Cleaning

    Dirty gutters can result in costly problems for your home or commercial structure. Let us take care of them for you. Learn More.

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    Hardscaping does more for your property than make it look attractive. It adds charm, stability, and can improve your resale value. Learn More.

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    Excavation & Yard Grading

    Landscape grading is a crucial element in outdoor projects, providing the footing for foundations, drainage, and landscape features. Learn More.

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    Landscape Design

    The goal of our landscape design team is to turn your Minnesota property into a visually striking and impressive environment. Learn More.

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    Landscape Lighting

    Dean provides unmatched quality in landscape lighting design, landscape lighting fixtures, plus landscape lighting installation & service. Learn More.

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    Landscape Structures

    Our experience allows us to design and build your landscape structures in a way that enriches your property’s overall design. Learn More.

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    Outdoor Fire Pits

    Prolong your entertainment season with gorgeous custom-made outdoor fire pits. Contact us to learn more. Learn More.

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    Outdoor Living Spaces

    Our skilled professionals have all of the knowledge and experience needed to design & install your dream outdoor living space. Learn More.

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    Patio Installation

    When it comes to patio design and installation, we maintain a careful budget in order to guarantee you receive the lowest prices without having to sacrifice quality. Learn More.

  • Pavers Installation

    Pavers Installation

    Our experienced paver installation professionals will ensure your project needs are achieved and surpassed. Learn More.

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    Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls are extremely popular for home and business owners with gardens or those who wish to improve their property’s outdoor space. Learn More.

  • water features

    Water Features

    No water feature project is too big or too small for Dean Bjorkstrand. We are experienced in the design and installation of decorative or recreational water features. Learn More.

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    Waterproofing and Drainage

    Water damage will leads to more serious problems when overlooked. Do not wait. Contact us to learn about our waterproofing services. Learn More.



Dean created a landscape plan that totally enhanced that part of my yard which is shady

– Gerry

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When you need landscaping & landscape design services for your home or business in Minneapolis, contact Dean Bjorkstrand. It is our goal to turn your property into a place that you can spend more time relaxing and entertaining family and guests. We are a company that is committed to customer service.

Every property in Minnesota has the potential for individualism and exquisiteness. The answers to revealing this splendor lie in determining the fundamentals that encompass the landscape and blending them with the landowner’s personal taste and planned purpose. Beautiful landscaping and excavation utilizes existing plants and their surroundings to artistically accomplish the anticipated outcome.

Since the 1980s, our viewpoint above has aided our clients’ wishes and remains as the fundamental value of our method to achieving successful landscaping services.

Our overall landscaping services include a wide variety of services that can complete your upcoming landscaping project in Minnesota.

From larger, overarching projects that have the potential to define the way your outdoor space looks like to the intricacies of the space in between, Dean Bjorkstrand Inc. has your design ideas as top priority for making your property look stellar.

Some examples of our larger, more structural specialties are landscape structures, fire pits, retaining walls and patio installations.

For landscape structures, our range of expert experience includes trellis structures, pergolas, decorative stones and more. In addition to those, we specialize in various types of water features to accent your property such as fountains, birdbaths or even ponds. When it comes to the heat, fire features on your property can provide an intimate entertaining scene in your outdoor space. We specialize in stone fire pits, gas fire pits and outdoor fireplaces with more than 30 years of experience creating these pieces. Retaining walls can completely transform the outdoor space you have, especially the active, usable space on an uneven property. Our body of work includes stone retaining walls, sitting walls and more. We’ve been designing patio spaces for more than three decades and regardless of the reason for creating or reinventing your patio, Dean Bjorkstrand can make it happen. In the case of adding value, redesigning a tired patio or embarking in a custom design project, our experienced contractors are ready to help your patio transformation.

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Not to be forgotten is overall hardscraping to compliment your otherwise beautifully landscaped space. Between the beautiful plants and yard space you have on your property, it’s important to have hardscaped areas in between to help facilitate human interaction in your luscious space. In addition, a great complementary item to a hardscraping project like a paver path or retaining wall could be various landscape lighting opportunities. Our expert landscape designers can help map layouts of these lighting fixtures and work on installing these handpicked pieces to illuminate your property properly.

Need to start at a more base-level of landscaping services before it comes to planning flowers or adding a fireplace? Dean Bjorkstrand has more than 30 years of experience in the whole landscaping process, from planning to early excavation and implementation, all the way to the final details of the project. Get your landscaping ideas started with our precision landscape excavation and grading services.

In the grand scope of your landscaping project, water can be both a delightful addition or a cumbersome issue to the health and stability of your outdoor space. Water can get in the way, damage existing structures and erode soil in key areas if it builds up in the wrong places and doesn’t drain properly. Dean Bjorkstrand Inc. has the expertise and specialty in both waterproofing/drainage solutions and gutter cleaning to make sure the water systems throughout your property are functioning properly and your outdoor spaces remain healthy and beautiful.

Brilliant landscape design is the footing of every distinctive outdoor space. It does not matter if you want just a single section of your property to be enhanced or if you require a whole property transformation, our imaginative team will finish the project to your satisfaction.

At home, developing a professional and maintainable landscape design can drastically benefit your residential property. A well-made landscape design will enrich your property’s beauty, stop any environmental decay, improve your water use, aid the local wildlife, and save you money on energy bills.

Our company is available for all of your landscaping needs. When you need professional Minnesota landscaping services, contact us today by filling out this form or by calling us at 612-861-3919.