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We have all heard the song, “Let it snow.” However, for people who have to go to school, work, or business, piles of snow on your walkways and driveways are simply a hindrance, not to mention potentially dangerous. That is why working with a professional snow removal service is so important in Minnesota.

  • snow removal

    Ice Dam Removal

    Ice dams can produce leaks in the roofing material, potentially resulting in impaired ceilings, walls, and insulation, as well as bodily injury. Learn more.

  • snow plowing

    Snow Plowing

    Our snowplow pros will ensure that your driveways and parking lots are safe during Minnesota’s winter months. Learn more.

  • snow shoveling

    Snow Shoveling

    During winter, one of the smartest actions you can take is hiring an expert snow shoveling company, instead of performing this essential task alone. Learn more.

  • roof snow removal

    Roof Snow Removal

    Removing snow from your roof & gutters following every winter storm can help prevent ice dams and damage. Learn more.



I appreciate that Dean completes the work requested promptly. Reliable, Good Work.

– Barbara

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How long does removing snow take? How long will it take if two persons do the job? Regardless if one, two, or three persons doing the task; it will still take hours upon hours depending on how much comes down. This is especially grueling for people with relatively weaker bodies or limited endurance. If you do not want to do a task that takes too much time, then hiring professionals is the right choice.

Although professionals usually take a lot less time on your driveway, walkway, and steps, you can rest assured that the service will be nothing less than top notch. You can rest assured that the tools we use are handled with care and professionalism and we handle jobs given to ask even better and more thoroughly.

The best thing about hiring snow removal professionals like Dean Bjorkstrand. is that it does not matter if it is an inch high or eight inches high; we will offer service based on your requirements. Even better, we work on annual agreements. This will help you save time in calling for help or assistance and may result to great rapport and perhaps better deals in the future.

Our Minneapolis snow removal service will allow you to focus on relaxing or working rather than shoveling your driveway. Let Dean Bjorkstrand accomplish snow removal for you instead.


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