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Waterproofing & Drainage

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We’ll Eliminate Your Landscape Drainage Issues

Your landscape can be ruined without proper waterproofing and drainage. Our Twin Cities waterproofing team will solve your yard drainage problems. Schedule your consultation today!

Whether you are looking to have the land around your home re-graded to ensure proper drainage or want to hire a company that can create a good landscaping design while maintaining proper grade, Dean Bjorkstrand will deliver. Our professional Minneapolis design and installation team will walk you through every step from concept to completion.


Correct waterproofing and drainage is not glamorous, but it is necessary. The Twin Cities face harsh weather throughout the year, including heavy snows and torrential downpours. As a result, if your home is not prepared to handle the worst, your home and yard will be at the mercy of the elements. You might not notice any damage immediately. Over time, however, your gardens will wash out. Your patios and other spaces will also suffer damage. Furthermore, your home’s foundation could end up being harmed by erosion from the water as a result. All of these repairs are costly. In almost every situation, however, they can be prevented by proper waterproofing and drainage correction.


If you struggle with standing water around the foundation of your home or a wet basement, you may be in need of waterproofing & drainage correction services.


In Minnesota, we know the consequences of record snowfalls. Not only are the impacts felt during the winter season, but as it winds down and becomes Spring, all that snow starts to melt. How quickly it melts depends on the temperatures, but where does all that water go once it melts? Into your yard, low points and sewer systems are all real possibilities and it isn’t necessarily a flawless process for all of this water to transfer to yards, lakes, streams and streets.


Compounded on the severe snowfall in Minnesota overall is the nature of the Twin Cities’ landscape itself. A large percentage of the land in the metro area is hardscaped with asphalt or concrete and dense land use. Drainage can often pose issues on those spaces, forcing water into seldom natural areas, which could end up being your own backyard, if it’s the right neighborhood.


How can you prevent your yard and property from becoming the sediment depository for salt, sand and other wintry snow melt in the Spring? It starts by having a comprehensive landscaping plan conducted by landscaping experts, like us at Dean Bjorkstrand Inc. With more than 40 years of professional landscaping experience in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, Dean and his team know how to improve drainage and preserve landscape projects through the harsh changing of the seasons.


What does some of his work entail to help ensure your project has adequate drainage to keep your property looking its best for the entire year?


It all starts with an expert review of the leveling and makeup of your landscape design. If starting from scratch, Dean Bjorkstrand can design and take on any home’s landscaping project to ensure the proper drainage is taken into account before the first shovel of dirt is made. Regardless of the setup of your landscaping currently, taking levels and finding drainage patterns is paramount to understanding how to control the inevitable flow of water.

After that, it is important to ensure those natural drainage pathways are ready to handle a large volume of water when it comes to flooding or heavy rain. This drainage into the proper channels will keep the more sensitive areas of your lawn and landscaping free from the torrents of running water in excess.

We will grade away the land around your home to ensure rainwater runs off away from the house. This kind of grading stops water from sitting against your foundation. Standing water can lead to erosion over time. Consequently, concrete in the foundation may absorb standing water and begin to crack. As a result, the foundation might expand or contract as temperatures fluctuate, threatening the building stability. The Twin Cities region is especially prone to this kind of damage during the spring and winter. Our cold temperatures and heavy snows put foundations at risk. Fluctuating temperatures in spring make snow melt and then refreeze. This causes a major hazard. Therefore, proper drainage mitigates damage from temperature changes and weather conditions like heavy snow.

Re-grading the land around your home can be a major undertaking. It requires disturbing flower beds and other existing features, even if you’re only re-grading a small portion of the area. We will work to keep your landscape design intact. Our goal is to create an area that drains properly. As a result, water is channeled away from the house so that no damage can be done to the foundation.

When the natural ability of your landscape to drain excess water properly is not met, sometimes things like ditches or pipes are required to give your landscaping the ability to manage its water volume. Getting snowmelt into the proper drainage and in a pipe away from your space is paramount to its maintenance and getting off to a good start for the Spring season.

Even aside from the melting snow, dealing with heavy rain can pose drainage issues later in the season as well. Consider a rain barrel or other water storage from heavy rain to collect the water rather than oversaturating your landscape.

Finding the proper ways to keep your lawn and landscape free from excessive water and runoff is difficult. Dean Bjorkstrand Inc. has the experience necessary to deal with these issues on a case-by-case basis simply and efficiently. Contact our seasoned landscaping team to help solve your water drainage problems today.