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Sitting walls offer many benefits for home and commercial property owners, some of which include the following.

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    A Handy Spot to Rest

    Strategically placed sitting walls can help you rest your bones, but also add functional value to the property.

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    Sitting walls are useful for using and separating spaces on your property in a pleasing and defined way.

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    Quite simply, sitting walls can become a part of your beautiful landscaping and enhance any theme.


Dean created a landscape plan that totally enhanced that part of my yard which is shady

– Gerry

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There is no question that everyone wants a great yard with picturesque landscaping. What is better than to spend time outside with your family, or walking and admiring your property? As you walk around taking in the view, however, where do you sit when you need to rest? A sitting wall is a perfect addition to your landscaping. It has a pleasing aesthetic and functional appeal.

As the name states, these walls are made for sitting. If you own a large piece of property, then you certainly do not want chairs scattered throughout the area. You could have benches installed, but they only serve one purpose. Sitting walls can serve many purposes. You can have beautiful pieces in your garden that give it an aesthetic boost, while also serving as a place to rest and relax. They are the perfect value-added accessory for your property.

The primary function of walls has always been to separate things. Whether it be the inside from the outside, or separating rooms, walls have always delineated boundaries. While a sitting wall is for sitting, it can also serve its separation purpose as well. You can use these walls to help mark certain sections of your property. For instance, you can separate the fire pit area from the lawn, or the pool area from the garden.

If you have a well-manicured property, you certainly don’t want an eyesore cluttering up your view. Sitting walls, luckily, can be custom made to suit whatever your theme may be. They can be rustic and earthy, or modern and shiny. It’s really up to you. Sitting walls can be accent pieces that capture the eye and draw attention to their surroundings.


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