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Minneapolis Winter Services

We Will Remove Snow & Ice From Your Property

Keep your home safe and your business running when Minnesota’s harsh winter weather hits. Our dependable winter services allow you to safely resume your day as scheduled.

  • snow removal

    Ice Dam Removal

    Ice dams can bring about leaks in the roofing material, possibly resulting in a weakened structure and injury to its occupants. Learn more.

  • snow plowing

    Snow Plowing

    Our snowplow professionals will ensure that your driveways and parking lots are cleared after winter storms. Learn more.

  • snow shoveling

    Snow Shoveling

    During winter, employing a professional snow shoveling service, as opposed to performing this task alone, is a smart move. Learn more.

  • roof snow removal

    Roof Snow Removal

    Removing snow from your rooftop and gutters after each winter storm can prevent ice dams and structural damage. Learn more.



I appreciate that Dean completes the work requested promptly. Reliable, Good Work.

– Barbara

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Why Consider our Winter Services?

Dean Bjorkstrand Landscaping provides superior winter services in the Twin Cities. In business since 1985, we our Minnesota team serves the entire seven county area, including communities such as – but not limited to – Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, Edina, Richfield, & Minnetonka.

Exerting yourself while out in the cold can put a strain on your body. It’s generally fine if you’re in good shape, but for the elderly, or for people who have underlying health conditions of the heart or lungs, it can be dangerous. There are many stories of people who didn’t know they had heart problems until they exerted themselves shoveling the driveway.

There’s nothing worse than getting up on a crisp winter morning and seeing that there’s no way you’re going to be able to get your car out without clearing the driveway. Then it becomes a mad dash to get ready for work to fit in shoveling time. A professional service is out in the night making sure their clients are served and can get to work and school on time.

Related Information:

If you own a business and your parking lot is a platform of snow, potential clients will simply drive on by. Not only that, but there may be laws requiring that commercial properties keep their parking areas clear of snow. A professional snow removal service will make sure that your customers can get to you, and that you won’t run afoul of the law.

If you’re a commercial property owner, you can be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur in a parking lot that’s not cleared. Avoiding lawsuits is a great reason to make sure that it’s cleared as well as possible.

A professional will quite simply be much faster than you or another non-professional. Simply put, with our winter services, your business will be up and running in a timely fashion, or you will be able to back your car out faster and be on time for work.


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