5 Mistakes to Help You Spot a Poor Ice Dam Removal Service

A lot people think of rain when they think of leaky roofs, but leaks can happen in the winter as well. Tons of snow can build up on your roof over the winter season, and ice dams are the result. These hard blocks of ice put a strain on your roof and can lead to leaks as the water melts off. An ice dam removal service can help clear away the risk, but you must use a reputable service. Here are some mistakes that will signify that an ice dam removal service just is not up to snuff.

Use Of Inappropriate Equipment

The temptation for many is to use hard tools like hammers and chisels to get ice off a roof. However, those tools can end up damaging your roof even more, and make it more at risk of leaks. Your insurance company may not even cover you for any damage if there is a leak caused by such a tool.

Not Using Steam

To be gentle on your roof, steam is the best option for removing ice dams. It is hot enough to melt the ice and it will not leave too much water on your roof to freeze. Some services will use hot water, but it is not the best option. Water takes a much longer time to remove the ice. That means more time that you will be paying for. Using steam blasters, a service professional can cut the ice dams away from the roof.

Poor Technique

A professional will separate large pieces one at a time, carefully removing each chunk and sliding it off the roof. Poor technique would be spraying the entire roof all at once and trying to melt everything. This is inefficient and will again cost you money in labor costs since it will take so much longer. Another sign of bad technique is leaving footprints on your roof. The compacted snow from footprints will eventually turn into ice, meaning you will have to get it removed

If you find that you need to have ice dams removed from your roof, it is never a bad thing to have basic knowledge of the process. With these mistakes in mind, you will be able to ask the right questions to get the right service.

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