Landscaping Tips to Become More Energy Efficient

The Minnesota climate is known for its extremes. It is very cold in the winters, and can get very hot in the summers. This can put a strain on your energy consumption and water usage. There are some things you can do outside of the home to help with that strain and keep your house warmer or cooler, depending on the season. They can also help conserve water as well.

For Homes That Are Too Hot

If your home has trouble getting cool in the summer, then try planting bushes and trees along the southern wall of the house. This will keep the sun off of your house for most of the day and keep heat off of your home. This will also block the sun in the winter, when you would want more heat. You can also plant vines along the wall. This will still block the sun, but not as drastically.

For Homes That Are Too Cold

With the deep freeze that comes with the winter, keeping a house warm can be very challenging. To keep the warmth in your home, try planting shrubs, trees, and bushes on the north side of your house. This will block the wind and prevent your home from cooling from wind chill. The best trees to use are evergreens, since they keep their foliage during the winter. Shrubs along the windy side of your home will also prevent snow drifts from building up along your walls.

To Conserve Water

Most of us are looking to conserve water to help protect the environment and even save money on our water bill. If plants with similar needs are grouped together, then you will have to water less. You can also use a type of grass that does not need as much watering. Tilling will help with water absorption and help roots grow deeper. Mulching will help keep the soil moist and also help keep weeds at bay.

Conserving energy and water have become a big priority for many people. While there are a lot of things you can do to your home to help, there are several things you can do outside your home as well. Use these tips to save energy during any season.

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