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5 Common Home Landscape Installation & Design Mistakes

Landscaping is not as easy to get “right” as you may think. Just because something looks beautiful does not mean it is efficient. Although it is exciting to own a new landscape design, you should not simply “jump in” if you do not know much about landscaping. Landscaping involves planning. Poor design and installation can actually harm your property and will ruin your curb appeal. Additional problems associated with poor landscaping include environmental and economic issues because you could contaminate the environment and you will have to spend additional money to make repairs. That is why you should avoid these common home landscape installation and design mistakes below.

Common Home Landscape Installation and Design Mistakes

Applying too much fertilizer.

Fertilizer can promote plant development, but using too much – or too little – will thwart the healthy growth of your plants and your garden. Even if the fertilizer gives your plant growth a boost, the over-fertilization can keep them from ripening properly. Using causes your lawn to acquire excessive nitrogen and that can be fatal for your grass.

Using dyed mulch.

Dyed mulch has become popular recently because it offers a brighter and more visually engaging appearance to your property. However, the dyed mulch usually does not look natural and can actually introduce toxins to your landscape. The dyed mulch can spread pollutants that harm the health of your plants and will lower the quality of your soil.

Cluttering plants.

This relates to the design process. If you clutter your plants together, it will not only make your yard look chaotic; it will harm your plants. When plants are placed too close together, they will have trouble absorbing the right amount of water and they can die.

Using too many colors.

If you have a lawn with too many colors, it will look uneven and might overwhelm your neighbors. You want to have variety but also want to be consistent with your plant color choice. If you use too many colors and designs, your lawn will not have a theme. A theme is what truly makes a lawn interesting.

Applying too much water.

Plants need water to live, but too much of this good thing can literally drown them. Just like humans, plants need air to survive. In addition, too much water will lead to an extra growth of fungus and your plants will be vulnerable to disease. So put down that hose and save the world some water!

If you are planning a landscape project, make sure to avoid these common home landscape installation and design mistakes above. To find out more about you particular landscape opportunities, contact Dean Bjorkstrand today.

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