3 Autumn Landscaping Ideas to Protect Your Lawn and Garden

It is late in the year. If you live in a cold climate region, you might be wondering whether performing autumn landscaping ideas on your property is worth the effort.  Your lawn will likely be covered in snow soon. So why should you waste time making it look pretty?

Autumn is a great time to for landscaping. Why? Because you have a great opportunity to provide additional protection for your yard. Preparing for winter will help your lawn remain strong for the cold season and will enhance its strength in the spring.

Autumn Landscaping Ideas

Even though fall is approaching, you may still have some autumn landscaping ideas you want to include in your design. Despite the approaching snow, there is still time to give your property a last-minute makeover to have it prepared for the winter. Below are a few autumn landscaping ideas for you to try on your lawn or garden this season.

Remove thatch from your lawn.

If there is too much thatch in your lawn, the essential elements that keep it healthy become ineffective. Too much thatch causes snow mold that can damage your grass in the winter. To avoid too much thatch, do not leave large piles of leaves in your yard.

Mulch your leaves.

Instead of raking your leaves this year, you can mulch them instead. This saves you the hassle of having to rake the whole yard and gives your landscape some late-in-the-year nutrients to make it healthier come spring. Mulch can also protect your trees. Place two inches of mulch about five to eight inches away from your tree. This helps the roots retain moisture during the winter months.

Add bark mulch to your garden.

Apply bulk mulch on the soil to keep your garden health during the cold winter. This preserves moisture and provides insulation for the soil. Insulation keeps the roots warmer throughout the winter and gives you a stronger garden come spring.

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