Can Heavy Rain Damage Your Garden?

While it is true that heavy rain can wreak havoc on your garden, the damage caused can be avoided by taking some simple steps. Here are a few beneficial tips to keep in mind when heavy rains are coming:

Look for Cracks

Inspect your garden for any possible cracks or openings in your soil or mulch layer. If you spot any, fill them with soil or mulch to prevent water from seeping into the ground.

Watch Out for Puddles Forming

Keep an eye out for any puddles in your garden, as standing water can damage your plants and lead to mold growth on leaves. Be sure to cover up any puddles with a tarp or move them out of the way.

Create a Drainage System

If possible, try to create a makeshift drainage system in your garden using things like bricks or rocks. This will help divert water away from your plants and reduce the chances of them being damaged.

Take extra care of any young or delicate plants in your garden during heavy rains. Consider moving them to a sheltered location if possible, or covering them up with a tarp if you cannot.

Plant Near Shrubs and Trees

If you have any vegetable or flower gardens, be sure to check that they are not located near any structures or trees. These can both act as funnel points for water and lead to erosion in your garden.

With these simple tips, you should be able to protect your garden from heavy rains without much trouble. While there is no guarantee that your garden will be completely unaffected by these weather events, following this advice should greatly reduce the risk of damage.

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