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Popular Landscape Water Features

Water features can be a great addition to any landscape design. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful pond or a lively fountain, they can help bring life to your yard. There is quite a large variety of water features, each with differing prices and levels of upkeep, so here are

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5 Tips to Make a Small Yard Seem Bigger

Fitting all the elements you want to have in a small space without it looking cluttered and overwhelming is a challenge. Here are some tips to make a small yard seem bigger that you can incorporate into your landscape design. Get the landscape you want everything you want with plenty of

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Five Plants You Want in Your Garden This Summer

Having a beautifully vibrant but low maintenance summer garden sounds too good to be true, right? Not if you know which plants to use. It’s possible to have it all- a garden with beautiful, durable flowers that last nearly all summer and add color from the entire spectrum. Here are

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Landscaping to Attract Wildlife

Creating a landscape for wildlife The great outdoors can be enhanced by getting to interact with some of your local wildlife. Although you do not want wild animals living in your home, it is possible to get some local fauna to your living space with effective landscaping. There are four

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The Impact of Effective Landscaping on Home Value

When preparing to sell your home, it’s wise to invest in proper landscaping to enable you to see the effects of landscaping on home value. It forms one of the strategies home sellers employ in efforts to make the sale more profitable in the long run. Investing in good landscaping

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Top 5 Winter Plants For Minnesota

The climate in the Twin Cities makes it a difficult place to have a garden, but it’s certainly not impossible. While we may not be able to have the same selection of flowers that warmer climates allow, there are plants that we can grow that look beautiful topped with snow

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