Keep Your Landscape Healthy With These Summer Landscaping Tips

It seems like it just stopped snowing, but somehow the scorching hot summer is already upon us. Finally getting your yard green and vibrant is exciting, but keeping it from turning to a brown crisp during the summer is another feat altogether. Help keep your yard green and beat the summer heat with these simple tips.

Summer Landscaping Tips


The key to watering your lawn over the summer is to water deep, but infrequently. Frequent watering encourages short roots and mats. But if your grass isn’t getting enough water, it wont last very long in that sun. A good rule of thumb is to give it about an inch of water once a week, or when it starts to have a blue-ish tinge to it.

Another key aspect of watering is to water in the morning. Watering in the morning when it is cooler allows the grass to absorb the maximum amount of water. A lot of water goes to waste in the afternoon because of evaporation. Nighttime watering can lead to disease or fungus since the water doesn’t have enough time to dry before the dew falls.


Don’t mow your grass too short. Keeping your grass a little longer reduces the amount of maintenance you’ll need to perform on your lawn. Low cut grass grows faster, and will require more frequent upkeep, watering, and mowing. Longer grass allows the growth of longer roots, which means better water absorption and healthier grass that requires less watering. Also, longer blades help shade the crown that they grow out of from burning in the sun. Mow your grass frequently so it grows thick, but cut a third of its height or less off each time.


Just like with water, your grass needs just the right amount of fertilizer. Fertilizer helps your grass grow thick, which prevents weeds and shades the soil, but too much fertilizer may cause your grass to grow too quickly, which may cause mats and would need frequent mowing.  The type and frequency of fertilizer depends on the type of soil. The best way to determine what your lawn needs is to take a sample of soil to your local garden shop and have them suggest a regimen.

Pest Control

Thick healthy grass should somewhat act as its own pest control. Having nice, thick grass helps prevent any weeds and diseases from developing. There are two types of herbicide you can use if necessary. Pre-emergents prevent weeds from germinating, and Post-emergents are used to control weeds that are already visible.

With these summer landscaping tips, keeping your yard green and healthy all summer long should be simple, but if something goes wrong, your local landscapers at Dean Bjorkstrand are always happy to help! We are experienced and knowledgeable in local plant life, climate conditions, and popular design, and can help you transform your landscape this season. Follow these summer landscaping tips to get yourself started this year.

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