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5 Tips to Make a Small Yard Seem Bigger

Fitting all the elements you want to have in a small space without it looking cluttered and overwhelming is a challenge. Here are some tips to make a small yard seem bigger that you can incorporate into your landscape design. Get the landscape you want everything you want with plenty of room to spare this season.

Tips To Make A Small Yard Seem Bigger

1. Have a Plan

Creating a landscape in a small space without planning it out can lead to a cluttered, unattractive yard. Plan out what purpose you want your space to have. Whether it’s relaxing, a play area for your kids, or entertaining, having a plan will help you stay focused and achieve your goal. Then do some research on how you may be able to design your yard to fill that purpose. Make a list of exactly what plants, flowers, furniture or other features you will need and a layout of how it will all fit in your yard.

2. Keep it Organized

If you want to use your yard for multiple purposes, organize your spaces into “rooms”. Having smaller, separate areas with distinct purposes will make you yard look larger than having one giant clump. You can keep your spaces separate with elevation changes, plants, or walled enclosures. For example, elevate a louning/dining area on a deck and frame it with planters. Then have a kids play area down below.

3. Utilize Your Front Yard

You can use your front yard for many of the same purposes that you use a back yard for. If you simply want an area to sit and relax and enjoy the outdoors, a front porch can be perfect. You can design a front garden that contains large hedges that would provide you with the same amount of privacy you would have in the back. You can also add any small water features or flowers you’d have in the back so you don’t miss out on the relaxing experience of sitting out and enjoying your garden. By using the front for this purpose, you still have your entire backyard to use for entertaining, a place for the kids, or anything else you’d want.

4. Don’t Miniaturize

Don’t shrink walkways or stairs in effort of trying to enlarge your space. Doing so will make them look out of scale with your house, and if anything, make your yard look smaller. Keep all of your structures in scale, and try to utilize them in your plan instead of letting them get in your way.

5. Use Color

You can use color in flowers in plants to help make your yard appear larger. Place shorter, brighter plants in the front, they will act at the focal point. Then have taller less interesting plants behind, seeming as if they are receding into the distance and giving your yard a larger appearance. You can also use the neighbor’s plants. Plant shrubs on the border of your garden that are similar to those in your neighbor’s yard, it will seem as if your neighbor’s yard is simply and extension of your own.

If you follow these tips to make a small yard seem bigger, you will have no problem transforming your landscape this season. There are plenty of elements you can include in your design. Call Dean Bjorkstrand and have his team come out and assist you with your design this season. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure you have the landscape you always wanted. Call today at 612-861-3919.

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