Popular Landscape Water Features


Water features can be a great addition to any landscape design. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful pond or a lively fountain, they can help bring life to your yard. There is quite a large variety of water features, each with differing prices and levels of upkeep, so here are some overviews of popular water features to help you choose the one that is perfect for your yard.

Popular Landscape Water Features


Fountains are perfect if you want a focal point for your landscape that requires little upkeep. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, and are more expensive the more intricate the fountain is. Many fountains don’t just guzzle up water, but are built for conservation and simply reuse the same water over and over again. This is good for the environment, and for your wallet. Fountains require little upkeep, just a regular cleaning and occasionally replenishing its water.


Backyard ponds can range from a small, quiet reflection pool to a bubbling pond with fish and frogs. While they are more work and more money than fountains, they are much more customizable to what you want for your yard. Like with fountains, the more intricate your pond is the more expensive and labor intensive it will be.


If you want something really eye catching, a waterfall might be the answer for you. Waterfalls require many of the same materials and upkeep as ponds, what makes them different is that they have two bodies of water at different heights. The higher pond is typically quite small, only large enough to keep the water flowing, while the lower one is larger and a more of a focal point. Everything else can be arranged how you want it: how the water flows down, the surrounding rocks and plants etc.


The movement and sound of a running stream can fill your backyard with natural beauty and serenity. Streams typically flow into or from a pond or waterfall. They can be as big and detailed as your yard and budget allow, but also require quite a bit of upkeep.

Adding a water feature can transform look and feel of your yard, turning it into a peaceful oasis. Call the experts at Dean Bjorkstrand with any questions or concerns about your water feature needs!

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