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Tips for Hiring a Minneapolis Landscape Design Professional

Current trends in landscape design do not just include a nicely mowed lawn and pretty flower beds. If you desire this, you can simply hire a lawn service to keep your lawn perfectly manicured. Today’s Minneapolis homeowners are using companies that perform professional landscape design. But what is the key to hiring a Minneapolis landscape design professional?

Hiring a Minneapolis Landscape Design Professional

More and more homeowners are using landscape design to extend their indoor living space outside. To do this you need to know what you want, and hire a good landscape designer. By incorporating rock, stone and patio designs, the landscaper can quote you a price so that you can change the cost by changing what you can afford versus what you want.

Minnesota Living

Living in Minneapolis, you have to make arrangements for the winter months when snow is covering the ground. Question the designer on what can be done to enjoy your outdoor space all year long. Do you need to have glass enclosures to use the space when there is snow on the ground? Will you want the burn it if you choose to incorporate it in your space or is it better to have a fireplace with a chimney to let the smoke out during the winter months?

Summer Months

Do you want screening to use during summer months to keep the bugs out all of this is part of an outdoor landscape. You have to know what you want do you want to add designs just around a pool or add sections to the yard for reading and relaxing. Once you have decided what you want and what you can afford, you should contact a landscape designer in Minneapolis to help you create your ideas. One important thing you can do is ask the designer to do a mock up of what you have asked for in your yard. That way it is easier to visualize the finished project.

Design Aspects

Do you want color all year round in your yard? If so, the landscaper can show you flowers and shrubs that stay intact throughout the year. For example, certain bushes will remain green throughout the year and can easily be added for additional outdoor comfort. When it comes to landscape design, the most important thing to keep in mind is understanding what you want and what you can afford.

Family Friendly Design

Do you know if you need a design that is kid and family friendly? Or will you just be using the space for adults and entertaining guests? Do you want a burn pit, a water feature and/or a BBQ pit for cooking? Do you have a pool that you need to work around? Yes, there are a lot of considerations that you have to make before you begin the work. As with any big purchase, you must do your research before you hire anyone to do landscape design in Minneapolis.

Make sure that you truly check out the prospective landscaper. Find out who can give you the design you want at the cost you can afford. Ask the company if you can see any completed jobs and make sure you like what they do. After all, you may have to live with the completed work for a long time. It is not like you are simply changing paint colors after you’ve grown bored with your living room.

Home Value

Consider if the landscape is going to add a resale value to your home. Will the cost be too much to enhance the value? Your landscaper can let you know if the area can support the added value to your home. Check with your insurance company. Make sure you are covered for any problem that may happen when your design is complete. Is the landscape company insured in case of damage during the project?

Call City Hall

Are there any laws that you must follow (especially if you live in a gated community)? Are there procedures that you must follow so that you do not anger the tenants of the community? If you have a fence around your property, do you have to change the fence? A company that does landscape design in Minneapolis may know these rules but to be on the safe side, you need to double check. Will you need permits or will the company get these permits if needed?<


When it comes to financing, will you take out a loan or use the equity in your home to pay for the upgrade of your property? Will you use a credit card? Make sure the interest rate is not higher than what you can get by getting a loan or using the equity in your home.

In Conclusion

For the most part, it is fun to plan and design the perfect outdoor space that you will enjoy for many years to come. Follow the procedures above and get all of the information you need. Make sure that the financial aspect is something you can live with. Keep in touch with the designer so that the project is completed on your time schedule. But mostly, make sure you are hiring a Minneapolis landscape design professional who cares about the finished product.

When you feel like the outdoor space you desire is complete, have a party and celebrate your new outdoor living space. Sit back and enjoy the compliments that roll in your direction because you made the right decision when hiring a Minneapolis landscape design professional. The decisions you made enhanced your property will and gave you a satisfying and pleasant space that you can use to host guests and possibly raise a family for years.

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