Potential Ice Dam Damage To Your Home

It is fun to watch icicles form on your house. In Minneapolis, icicles forming on your roof are one thing you can count on each winter. The bigger they get, the more impressive they become. Behind that large icicle hanging from the side of your roof, there is even more ice holding the structure in place. All icicles from your roof must have strong bonds to your roof or gutters. In previous posts, you can read about how these dams form and how to prevent them. This post is going to explain ice dam damage to your home as a result of leaving a dam unattended to. Ice dam damage is serious business in Minneapolis, further emphasizing the importance of ice dam removal in Minneapolis.

Ice Dam Damage

Water Damage

Water damage is the big issue that can come from ice dams. That is why it is so important that you have ice dams removed from your home. The water on the surface of your roof melts when the heat from your home rises. The water then gets trapped on the roof from the ice that is not exposed to the heat. This allows the water to sit on the roof and eventually leak through and cause water damage to your home. While this is an exterior source of water, there is also an interior source of water getting into your home that causes damage.

It occurs when air leaks into the attic. The air carries the moisture from the warm air in the home into the cold attic air. In the attic, the air condenses and makes the cold surfaces – such as the rafters and roof sheathing – wet. Over time, this moisture could turn into a serious mold and mildew problem.


The water leaking in from the roof from an ice dam is likely to leak into the wall and soak the insulation. These are areas that don’t have good air circulation for water to dry. These leaks can also seep into your living area causing water staining on the ceiling and walls. Having wet insulation and drywall for a period of time can cause serious health risks in your home, impacting the air quality due to the contamination of mold and mildew.

Potential Hazards

Not having ice dams removed can lead to serious repairs to the home if they are not dealt with. You eventually may need to replace all of the insulation in the attic and the ceilings and drywall. This process can have a hefty price tag and equals a whole lot of inconvenience.

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