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How to Take Care of Your Poinsettia Year Round

The poinsettia has long been a Christmas favorite. Despite being native to Mexico, the poinsettia has become the plant to provide holiday cheer in millions of households. As time has gone on, poinsettias can now be purchased in many colors, shapes, and sizes. It is natural that you might want your new “Christmas plant” to last longer than the holiday season, so here are some tips to help keep the holiday spirit all year-round.

Control The Temperature

Despite being a holiday plant, it is still susceptible to damage from the cold. It should be placed in a plant sleeve as soon as you leave the store. Go straight home with it, as leaving it in the car while you finish other errands will lead to dropping leaves and wilting.


Only once you are home should you unwrap your poinsettia. Find a spot in your home where it will be exposed to natural light, but not in excess of an hour or two. If the location is sunny, then you may need to provide a little extra watering to keep it from drying out. Drafts, or heat from the ducts or radiator can cause problems as well. For the safety of occupants, keep the plant out of reach of children and animals. It is not necessarily poisonous, but could cause stomach discomfort.

All Year Treatments

Once you have found the perfect spot and have your poinsettia resting comfortably, there are some things you can do during the year to keep it vibrant.


This is when many poinsettias start to wilt and lose color. You may want to move your plant to a sunny window for a period of time.


During the spring months, you can provide some maintenance to allow it to continue to flourish. In April, trim  back the stems to just around 6” over the soil. This will allow room for more growth. In May, provide some fertilizer to the soil to encourage growth. In June you can move the plant to another pot if there are too many roots.

Once you get to the summer, make sure to keep the plant inside and away from direct sunlight, while watering consistently. The key is to not let them dry out. Then when the winter comes, you will be able to enjoy the Christmas plant all over again!

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