How to Treat Your Yard During a Drought

Every summer in Minnesota can have unpredictable weather. It could be rainy all week, but then suddenly, the rain hasn’t come in almost a month. Many states are subjected to periods of dry weather, especially in the summertime. During a drought, your yard will surely show that it is suffering, so many homeowners are wondering, what can they do to help their landscape survive during this tough time?

While it may seem hopeless, there are some steps you can take to save your lawn during a drought. Here are some tips.

Monitor the Weather
While the lawn grass is experiencing stress from the harsh drought, it is still growing. You will notice areas that are browning and thinning. The excess heat and lack of water are what prevent the grass from storing carbohydrates. Watering regularly can help keep the grass a bit healthy, and once the rain comes, it will bounce right back.

Over Fertilizing is a No-no
Spreading fertilizer on your grass during a drought may cause more harm than good. Over-fertilizing could end up burning the grass. The focus is to have your grass absorb water during the drought, not trying to fertilize it.

Forget Watering Cool-Season Grass
This sounds counterintuitive, but for cool-season grass, it is natural for them to go dry during the dry and warm seasons. Watering will be virtually useless. Breaking their dormant cycle can drain the reserves, which means the plant may not bounce back once their season comes.

Water Frequently
Unless your city has a water ordinance in effect, you should make sure that you are watering it enough to keep it alive. Warm-season grass has peak growth in the hot weather, so making sure it is hydrated is essential.

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