What is Winter Tree Pruning?

Winter tree pruning is done during the dormant season. This means some trees will be dormant during winter, while some trees will be dormant in spring. If you’re not sure what winter tree pruning is, here are the winter tree pruning basics.

Winter tree pruning is a winter lawn care task that helps you maintain beautiful trees and shrubs in the winter and the coming spring season.

Why You Should Prune in the Winter
There are many reasons winter tree pruning is good for your trees and shrubs. First, winter pruning cuts away winter damage. This winter lawn care task is important if you want your trees to remain healthy and beautiful during winter.

Tree Pruning Can Reduce Winter Hazards
Before winter, you can remove any broken branches that have not healed themselves from winter damage. By tree pruning, winter lawn care can help reduce winter hazards that could lead to lawn damage.

You Will Stimulate Growth
During winter, you can prune away winter damage that has already occurred. Winter lawn care and tree pruning can prevent diseases and insect problems from occurring when the weather begins to warm up.

Pruning your trees in the winter is a smart landscaping task because you can identify where you should cut, which means you are less likely to damage fruits, flowers, and buds. This also puts less stress on the plants/ Your trees and shrubs will thank you!

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