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Spring Gardening Prep List

As the snow melts, it’s time to prepare for the busy spring gardening season. Here are some tips to follow before spring is fully upon us.

One of the key things to do in the garden during winter is mulching. Mulching helps to protect plants from harsh weather conditions and keeps the soil from freezing. It is important to use organic mulch, such as leaves, straw, or wood chips, to prevent the soil from becoming compacted. Another important task to complete in winter is to prune trees and shrubs. This will help them to grow healthy and strong in the spring. Pruning should be done right after the leaves fall from the trees, as this will make it easier to see which branches need to be cut.

Compost Your Soil
In addition to the tasks mentioned above, other things can be done in winter to help prepare the garden for the spring. One is to add compost to the soil. Compost helps to improve the structure of the soil, while also adding nutrients that help plants to grow. Another is to cover any flower beds with a layer of straw. This will help to keep the soil from freezing and protect the plants from the weather.

Clean Up Your Flower Beds
When the weather starts to warm up in the spring, you should remove straw and other debris from your flower beds. This will allow the soil to warm up and start to grow. Once the soil is warm, it is time to start planting. The best time to plant flowers and vegetables is early in the morning or evening when the temperatures are cooler.

By preparing the garden in winter, gardeners can ensure that they will have a beautiful landscape to enjoy in the spring. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you prepare your garden for the spring.

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