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Perennial Gardens

Are you interested in perennial gardens?

Dean Bjorkstrand designs and installs elegant perennial gardens in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Once the period for spring flowering is over, perennials take the lead. Although there are a few shrubs and shrub roses that are late bloomers, the colorful nature of summer is always attributed to perennial flowers.

Dynamic architecture

Perennial garden design is not as simple as picking out whatever plants you like at your local garden center. You must consider factors such as blooming times, color combinations, and plant heights.

There are certain perennials that will only bloom for weeks, while others for the whole summer. There are those that will stay where they are, while others will re-seed until they have dominance over the flower bed. Most perennials tend to thrive well in the full sun, while others can survive in the shade.

Spicing things up

Despite our best intentions, there will always be gaps in the blooming cycle. As a result, it is a good idea to incorporate several annual flowers in prime spots. Annual flowers can provide consistent color until the first frost.

Your own nursery

Contrary to popular belief, perennial gardens do require minimal maintenance that usually involves them being divided and moved out of the flower of bed after a few years. However, one of the primary benefits of having this type of garden is you will never lack a supply of beautiful plants.

Designing a landscape involves a variety of aspects that should be thoroughly analyzed for you to have a successful perennial garden. This means understanding impact of changing seasons and the growth patterns of plants. Dean Bjorkstrand can do all these for you and so much more to ensure a dynamic perennial garden.

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