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Flower Gardens

Twin Cities Flower Garden Design & Installation Services

For more than three decades, Minnesota’s Dean Bjorkstrand Landscaping has provided professional flower garden design and installation services in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.

One of the primary benefits of having a flower garden close to your vegetable garden is that it will help to attract some of the friendlier pollinating insects. Although a standard vegetable garden can achieve this task on its own, it never hurts to give such creatures an extra incentive. Such a scenario will help to ensure that both your gardens are successful.


Another advantage of having a flower garden is that a good layout will allow you to enjoy walking through your garden because of the combination of scents and colors present gardens. Most homeowners will more often than not tell you that a beautiful and rejuvenating flower garden can be a welcomed sight whenever you arrive or leave home.


Not to mention, flower gardens are just generally a beautiful sight. There are some important decisions into what your flower garden consists of from a complement of flowers. That’s where Dean Bjorkstrand comes in, with flower garden design and makeup, we have the experience in Minnesota to understand the best flowers for every backyard garden aesthetically speaking, as well as an overall health standpoint for the garden’s diversity.


Like many other aspects of your complete landscaping project, various factors go into the process of determining what flowers will make up your garden and thrive in the right space. Some of the most important aspects are direct sunlight hours, shade, elevation of the garden and overall drainage and water management.

All of these things, when not considered, can lead to your flower garden arrangement not living up to its potential and becoming more of an issue if there were no flowers present at all. Our expertise can help identify all aspects of your physical space to ensure the right group of flowers are chosen for your garden.

When considering what plants to include in your garden, think about what will thrive best in your environment. Minnesota has a number of beautiful wildflowers, and in keeping with the fandom of the local football team, many of the state’s beautiful native flowers are among different but striking shades of purple. Some of these flowers include the purple coneflower, prairie onion, ohio spiderwort (bluejacket) and the rough blazing star.

A flower garden helps to attract more birds than a regular backyard would. Although such creatures are known to pop in every now and then, a flower garden can help to increase their number and frequency. In fact, birds have been known to prefer building their nests closer to a flower garden. This means you can hear some sweet sounds every morning.

Do you want your own flower garden? Dean Bjorkstrand designs and installs gorgeous flower gardens in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Contact us online or call 612-861-3919.