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4 Chemical Free Pest Control Methods for Your Garden

Keeping a chemical free yard can be really frustrating when you feel like your plants are being destroyed by nature. There are, however, several things you can try in order to detour insects and animals from eating up your prized garden. Check out these chemical free pest control methods for your garden this summer.

Chemical Free Pest Control

Energizing Bean: Coffee

Spreading out coffee grounds in your garden is a wonderful way to add nutrients to your soil and to detour creatures from sneaking in. Who knew that slugs and cats don’t like coffee? Also, it may help keep some deer away. If you don’t have any coffee grounds around your house, check your local coffee shop and see if they will give you some. Often times they are more than happy to pass them on rather than throw them away.

Garden Décor: Copper

Adding lawn ornaments, such as copper décor, can help keep the little critters away from your beloved plants. If you have potted plant pest problems, you can use a decorative copper tape by placing it along the edge of your pot. This will keep critters from crawling up to the plant. Also on the market is copper garden mesh which you can lay on the floor of your garden. Use it as a mighty fortress around your plants to keep them safe, all without the use of chemicals to keep the bugs away.

Spray: Organic Repellant

You may be opposed to chemical sprays, but may be willing to try an organic insect repellant spray. There are many different recipes online that can also guide you in making your own spray. Often times these sprays involve ingredients that you already have in your home, such as essentials oils, hot peppers, and garlic. Do some research to find a recipe that works for you and prevents the kind of pests that plague your yard.

Smells Matter: Detour with Strong Scents

Seeing animals in your yard is cute until they start eating your plants. Deer and rabbits are notorious for this, and can be scared away by the use of strong scents. They don’t like strong smells and will steer clear of them. Using cheap perfumes, bars of soap, or any other strong smell you can think of will likely keep them away from your garden. You may want to consider a different option if your garden is right in your nose range from your house. If your garden is not right next to your house, then this is going to be a good option for you.

Making a statement to insects and animals that they are not welcome in your garden might be a bit of trial and error. There are nevertheless multiple ways to avoid the use of chemicals when it comes to protecting your garden. Any one of these chemical free pest control methods will do wonders for your landscape. Start with what you feel most comfortable with. and see what happens.

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