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Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing makes you feel better about summer than having an outdoor get together on your property, especially when cooking is involved. This is exactly why so many Minnesota homeowners choose to install outdoor kitchens. Dean Bjorkstrand designs and builds beautiful custom outdoor kitchens for residents of the Twin Cities region.

Experienced outdoor kitchen design professionals

Our skilled Minnesota outdoor kitchen designers will work with you to produce your custom outdoor kitchen. You can select from a variation of building materials that will match flawlessly with the design of your residence, or even your commercial structure. Even the smallest details of your outdoor kitchen can be completely tailored to fit your needs.

The benefits of having your own beautiful outdoor kitchen:.

Entertainment. The Minnesota summer season entails three primary things: eating delicious grilled food, making memories with friends / family and spending quality time outside. An outdoor kitchen better enables you to entertain your entire party outside.

Convenience. Spending quality time outdoors during summer is definitely a must, and because an outdoor kitchen can have everything your indoor kitchen has, it can significantly enhance the convenience when it comes to hosting guests.

Having your outdoor kitchen stocked with sinks, grills, refrigerators, stovetops, cutlery, utensils and everything that a complete kitchen should have can make the entertainment much more enjoyable and convenient.

Family Bonding. Food brings people together and having an outdoor kitchen provides a great environment to create beautiful memories. It is a fun way to bring all of your family members together.

Space. An outdoor kitchen allows you to have a usable room for a less amount of money than it would have cost you if you decided to create another room inside. In other words, it is an outdoor expansion that can provide you with extra room and help you maintain an operational and comfortable atmosphere.

Value. Homes with outdoor kitchens have for a long time been very attractive to prospective buyers as they depict an attractive and well-designed space. This simply means that by adding an outdoor kitchen, you will enhance the value of your home, bringing you a high rate of return on your investment in case you decide to sell it.

If you are interested in outdoor kitchen design & installation services in the Minneapolis area, do not hesitate to contact us online or call 612-861-3919.