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Our Landscaping Process

Our Landscaping Process

Our Step-by-Step Landscape Design Process Explained:

Garden Design
3D Design


To guarantee optimum quality and maximized space, Dean Bjorkstrand works side-by-side with clients in Minneapolis, Edina and beyond to create a gorgeous landscape design. Our company always aims to fulfill the visions and dreams of clients with regard to what their landscaping will look like. We cater to our clients’ needs and desires in every step of the landscape design process.

While it is normal for landscaping companies to have control over the elements to be used in the proposed design, Dean Bjorkstrand believes that the final decisions should be made in collaboration with the client. Our company offers plans for a balanced and sustainable creation, but the wishes and visions of our clients will be prioritized. It’s all part of our landscaping process.


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3D Design




A plan provides an accurate representation of what the completed landscape will look like, the dimension of the property, where patios, retaining walls, plant material and the like will be placed.


A plan offers a concrete idea of how much the overall cost will be and allows the customer to decide the phases of installation depending on schedule and budget.



A plan is also based on the property and landscape concept, drawing and design costs will be offered during the consultation. Depending on the complexity, the drawing cost may be anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. Fifty percent of the drawing cost will be required before the drawing is created. Once it is completed, the formal scaled drawing will be evaluated. If there are any issues with the landscape mock-up, revisions will be made. Upon approval of the drawing, the remaining balance will be paid.

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2D Design




Dean Bjorkstrand offers a fresh outlook on landscaping to help develop a plan for your property, tackle a persisting problem, or assist you where you need help – from modifying your yard, to planting a garden, to lawn renovation.


During our landscape assessment, we aim to help guard your existing landscape investment and create a plan to boost your property value.


The first step is focused on visiting the property that is to undergo a landscape transformation. Comprising of about 30-60 minutes, this is the stage where Dean Bjorkstrand recommends a design concept that will best utilize the natural features of the home and surrounding property. Consultation fees usually range from $125-$200, depending on the scope of the project. Once the concept is approved, the formal proposal will be created.


Landscape Design
2D Design




The last step in the landscaping process is the actual construction. The customer will receive credit equivalent to 5% of the installation cost up to the total cost of the formal scaled drawing.


Schedules of underground utility marking and construction will be discussed, and once those are settled, construction will begin. We recommend as part of our landscaping process that family members and neighbors are notified before the actual days of construction. This allows them to anticipate interruptions that landscaping usually entails.


Once these steps are complete, all that is left is for our satisfied customers to enjoy their new landscape!


If you need landscape work, contact a company that will avoid costly landscaping mistakes. Contact one that will work with you to create a beautiful and affordable landscape design as part of their landscaping process. Call Dean Bjorkstrand for an estimate today!


Dean created a landscape plan that totally enhanced that part of my yard which is shady

– Gerry