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Lawn Edging Services

We’ll Define The Edges Of Your Lawn Around Your Driveway, Curbs & Sidewalks

Lawn edging gives a professional and finished look to your landscape. With so many options available, deciding on the kind of lawn edging may seem overwhelming. You can rest assured that Dean Bjorkstrand is here to help.

Tidy and trim.

Lawn edging refers to the placement of a barrier between different surfaces, often a garden bed and grass. Popular lawn edging materials include stone, concrete, brick, tiles and plastic tubing. Edging creates a crisp and clean look by highlighting the line around your garden 

beds.There are several benefits that result from professional lawn edging. Lawn edging does more than merely provide aesthetic benefits. Although an edged lawn will result in a a tidy and clean appearance for your landscape, there are some other significant reasons why you should consider it.

When lawn edging is sufficiently low and flat, it will not be cut by lawn mower blades. That means that you can save a lot of your time by not having to move around and trim edges of your lawn. It prevents you from inadvertently mowing over certain tender plants as well. You may let moss or flowers hang over the side of your garden a little bit more without having to risk cutting them off completely.

Manage and maintain.

Lawn edging is going to help you maintain the mulch in your garden bed. Lawn edging, depending on the type you utilize, can also provide a root barrier to keep weeds and grass from invading your garden. It is a very welcome “labor saver” for those who manage their own garden.

Remember that the goal of edging is to enhance the appearance of your lawn and make it easier to maintain. As mentioned above, lawn edging is not only done for aesthetic purposes; it improves its functional as well. It provides your garden with a well-manicured appearance and creates a clean line for trimming and mowing.

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