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Minneapolis Commercial Landscaping

Enhance Your Commercial Landscape Design

Commercial landscaping involves the improvement and maintenance of open spaces surrounding a commercial property. It is important to keep an outdoor business space attractive in order to create a better working environment for your staff and to attract clients. Dean Bjorkstrand offers professional commercial landscape services in the Minneapolis area.


Dean created a landscape plan that totally enhanced that part of my yard which is shady

– Gerry

When you need landscaping & landscape design services for your home or business in Minneapolis, contact Dean Bjorkstrand. It is our goal to turn your property into a place that you can spend more time relaxing and entertaining family and guests. We are a company that is committed to customer service.

Every property in Minneapolis has the potential for individualism and exquisiteness. The answers to revealing this splendor lie in determining the fundamentals that encompass the landscape and blending them with the landowner’s personal taste and planned purpose. Beautiful landscaping utilizes existing plants and their surroundings to artistically accomplish the anticipated outcome.

Since the 1980s, our viewpoint above has aided our clients’ wishes and remains as the fundamental value of our method to achieving successful landscaping services.

Brilliant landscape design is the footing of every distinctive outdoor space. It does not matter if you want just a single section of your property to be enhanced or if you require a whole property transformation, our imaginative team will finish the project to your satisfaction.

At home, developing a professional and maintainable landscape design can drastically benefit your residential property. A well-made landscape design will enrich the your property’s beauty, stop any environmental decay, improve your water use, aid the local wildlife, and save you money on energy bills.

Our company is available for all of your Minneapolis / St. Paul commercial landscaping needs. When you need professional Minnesota commercial landscape services, contact us today online or by calling 612-861-3919.