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Why Contact Our Commercial Landscaping Team?

Commercial landscaping involves the improvement and maintenance of open spaces surrounding a commercial property. It is important to keep an outdoor business space attractive in order to create a better working environment for your staff and to attract clients. Dean Bjorkstrand offers professional commercial landscape services in the Minneapolis area.

  • We Will Enhance the Physical Appeal of Your Property

    A proper landscape is able to attract more customers and clients to a business and helps retain existing clients. Every customer wants to be served in an environment that looks beautiful and pleasing to the eye. It gives the impression of professional and satisfactory services offered by the business.

  • We Offer Eco-Friendly Services

    A properly maintained business premise represents a company that is environmentally conscious. Furthermore, it is an indicator of the business’ interest and care for the surrounding community’s ecological welfare. Flowers, well trimmed hedges, pruned trees and green grass patches do exactly that.

  • We Help Improve Productivity

    It is a proven fact that the work output of business staff is directly related to their working environment. Great landscape design can create a very peaceful and calm atmosphere that stimulates employee productivity. Enhanced productivity equals enhanced profits.

  • commercial landscaping

    Your Property Market Value Will Increase

    The better a landscape looks, the more valuable it becomes. An increase in the market value of a business as a result of its landscape design causes a “trickle-down effect,” meaning other competing businesses will have to be keener on their landscaping strategies. This improves customer trust.

  • Proper Landscaping Improves The Entire Community

    A beautiful business environment is a magnet for tourists, home builders, realtors and homeowners. Investors love attractive landscapes. All of these people are prospective business customers who bring in revenue, improving businesses in the area. The landscape design of a business offers visitors a great first impression.


If you are a Minnesota business owner and you would like to learn about our commercial landscaping services, call our team today at 612-861-3919 or complete our request form and we will return your inquiry ASAP.


Dean created a landscape plan that totally enhanced that part of my yard which is shady

– Gerry

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When you need landscaping & landscape design services for your home or business in Minneapolis, contact Dean Bjorkstrand. It is our goal to turn your property into a place that you can spend more time relaxing and entertaining family and guests. We are a company that is committed to customer service.

Every property in Minneapolis has the potential for individualism and exquisiteness. The answers to revealing this splendor lie in determining the fundamentals that encompass the landscape and blending them with the landowner’s personal taste and planned purpose. Beautiful landscaping utilizes existing plants and their surroundings to artistically accomplish the anticipated outcome.

Since the 1980s, our viewpoint above has aided our clients’ wishes and remains as the fundamental value of our method to achieving successful landscaping services.

Brilliant landscape design is the footing of every distinctive outdoor space. It does not matter if you want just a single section of your property to be enhanced or if you require a whole property transformation, our imaginative team will finish the project to your satisfaction.

At home, developing a professional and maintainable landscape design can drastically benefit your residential property. A well-made landscape design will enrich the your property’s beauty, stop any environmental decay, improve your water use, aid the local wildlife, and save you money on energy bills.

Our company is available for all of your Minneapolis – St. Paul – Bloomington landscaping needs. When you need professional Minnesota commercial landscape services, contact us today online or by calling 612-861-3919.


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