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Raised Garden Bed Design & Installation Services

For more than three decades, Minnesota’s Dean Bjorkstrand Landscaping has designed and installed raised garden beds for home and business owners in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Do not hesitate contact us online or call 612-861-3919.

Raised garden beds are great for growing tiny plots of vegetables and flowers. They separate trail weeds from your garden soil, prevent soil compaction, offer effective drainage, and serve as an impediment to harmful insects. The sides of the beds can prevent your garden soil from deteriorating or washing away during heavy storms. By using raised garden beds, some homeowners can plant earlier in the season, a result of the warmer soil.

By lifting the soil level, raised garden beds can lessen back strain when bending over to perform gardening tasks. This is particularly helpful for older gardeners or people with health issues. If the beds are built properly, the gardener can sit on the edge of the bed when they pull weeds.

If Raised Garden Beds are a suitable option for you, Dean can advise and help choose the right plants and even vegetables to set up in your raised garden bed.

There can be a number of harmful insects and pests that harm your garden here in Minnesota. A Raised Garden Bed can help deter these pests such as Japanese Beetles, Cutworms and even Rabbits. It can also help prevent burrowing animals such as Moles and Gophers from ruining the healthy, robust root system you aim to develop and cultivate.

In adding a raised garden bed to your overall garden and landscaping plan in Minnesota, this soil can be increasingly deep to encourage root growth for some truly beautiful, healthy plants! Knowing the depth of your good soil is imperative for providing a healthy environment for your plants to thrive.

In addition to easier and more ergonomic weeding positions, Raised Garden Beds can help prevent the spread of weeds. While they can’t avoid the airborne spread of weed seedlings, being elevated or separated from the ground, there is less weed intrusion from the ground-level garden.


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