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Minneapolis Raised Garden Beds

Design / Installation of Raised Garden Beds

Dean Bjorkstrand transformed this ugly backyard into a private paradise for this homeowner by installing raised garden beds and a raised patio. If you are interested in the installation of elegant raised garden beds on your Minneapolis property, please give us a call today to schedule a consultation or discuss a design. Soon you can enjoy your own stunning raised garden bed at a price that is within your budget. We look forward to hearing from you!

This small backyard in Minnesota was old and tired. The homeowner referred to is as a “disaster” and was worried that a complete transformation would be too expensive. Fortunately we were able to install raised garden beds and a raised paver patio within her budget. The result looked gorgeous and the homeowner could not have been happier. The beds make the yard look very tidy.

One of our favorite aspects of the raised garden beds is that we had the option of using soil that would work best with the homeowner’s plants of choice. That is one of the major benefits of raised garden beds. When you plant a garden on the ground, you have to work with the soil that is already there. If the homeowner decided to plant vegetables, the raised garden beds would make the process much easier.

Your own nursery

Another benefit of installing raised garden beds is that the plants will last longer. This is because the box in which the soil and plants are placed warms up faster than ground soil. If this homeowner decides to continue her gardening efforts, she now has a longer gardening season to do so.

Not only does the backyard look stunning; it can be used as a recreation area as well. That is because we installed turfgrass suitable for playing cricket and other backyard activities.

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raised garden beds

raised garden beds

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