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Minneapolis Driveway Contractors

We’ll Design & Install Your Perfect Driveway

Dean Bjorkstrand Landscaping. is made up of experienced driveway contractors. We have offered driveway paver installation services in the Minneapolis area for more than 30 years.

If you are tired of having a driveway that ruins your home’s curb appeal, you might find a solution in driveway pavers. Our driveway contractors can replace your asphalt, cobblestone, concrete, glass, gravel, or green driveway with pavers that are organized in a distinctive pattern. This will enhance the overall appearance of your property.


Concrete is often the “go-to” choice for residential driveways. However, concrete can look dull. It can crack easily, acquire stains and may need to be completely replaced if damaged. The most common selection is not always the best one.


Paving stones are exceptionally strong and can withstand the weight of cars and trucks without cracking or breaking. They will last for years without having to be replaced.


Has your concrete driveway becomes cracked or damaged? You can repair the specific area, but doing so will produce spots of discoloration, causing the visible appearance of patches. As a result of this, many homeowners choose to replace the whole thing. With pavers, the individual damaged paver can be removed and replaced it in no time. Of course this will help you avoid the stress of dealing with costly repairs.

Pavers come in a range of colors. You can choose ones that work well with your home’s paint color and general landscape design. Our Minneapolis / St. Paul area driveway contractors are ready to help you find a design that best fits your tastes.

We suggest working in permeable pavers. These pavers are an environmentally friendly “green” option that look fantastic and help to remove water.

Are you a Twin Cities homeowner in need of driveway paver installation services? Do not hesitate to contact the professional Minneapolis driveway contractors at Dean Bjorkstrand online or by calling 612-861-3919. We are looking forwarding to working with you!