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Shorewood Landscape Design

Details of this Shorewood Landscape Design

At Dean Bjorkstrand, we are passionate about landscape design. Our work can be viewed within the most beautiful home and commercial properties in Shorewood and throughout the Twin Cities. Our designs are not only appealing to the eye; they add function to your yard. Feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members today to learn more!

Natural solutions.

A very wet backyard was a problem for this property. That is why we diverted water from the sump pump exit and gutter system using underground drain tile.

Various water-loving plant material was installed to suck up surface/standing water. Various patio areas were installed as well. The front yard included a natural Bluestone sitting area and a water fountain.

Better utilization.

In the backyard, our patio installation professionals created two patios with natural stone as well. One patio was created under a second story deck. This allowed the walkout area to be much better utilized. The installation was unique due to the heavy concentration of clay soil and surface water.

We installed base drainage rock as we would with a permeable paver installation to allow for extra expanding and contracting. The second patio is located farther away from the home. It contains a boulder fire pit and a natural stone seating wall.