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Mound Landscape Design

We Offer Landscaping + Landscape Design Services in Mound, Minnesota

Having your yard enhanced by a professional landscaper can be very rewarding. Not only will you and your family benefit; the community will benefit. Dean Bjorkstrand specializes in offering professional landscaping and landscape design services to our clients in Mound, MN and throughout the Twin Cities.

Landscape Design Plan.

For this Mound homeowner, we installed a natural stone walkway with some perennial garden restoration. The walkway was created to make traveling from the home to the lake easier. This path became the primary gateway to the lake after an addition was built onto the home.

The walkway was constructed of bluestone and limestone. Irrigation lines and heads were relocated and sod was in need of repair. The existing perennial garden was not maintained for a time during the construction.

The landscape design plan for the garden was to split, relocate, and eliminate perennials as needed. The following season, after the gardening work was finished, the transformation of the garden became apparent and order was restored.

When working with stone, there is plenty of variety for you to choose from. Your options range from an assortment of shapes and designs, sizes, tones and colors that can compliment the specific layout and build of your house. Dean Bjorkstrand can also guide you in selecting the most weatherproof material so your walkway will be well-suited for surviving the Minnesota winter, all while satisfying your own stylistic tastes and need for practicality.

Best Material and Design.

Companies that offer high-priced walkways and installation fees can limit your options when it comes to the design of your walkway. Dean Bjorkstrand can help you select the best material and design to fit your specific price range. This helps you keep your costs down while providing you with the features you are looking for.

We love working with stone walkways because a stone walkway is the a very cost-efficient and complimentary landscaping option. Natural stone enhances your property value and it has extremely low maintenance requirements. Stone stands better against foot, furniture and equipment traffic than wood or various forms of plastic. Stone also requires hardly any work on your part to maintain.