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Minneapolis Home Landscaping Project

This home landscaping project was completed by Dean Bjorkstrand in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This home design on Harriet Avenue in Minneapolis proved to be one of our most challenging projects we have ever taken on. The severe elevation changes made the design planning phase difficult but our 3D design capabilities allowed the homeowners to visualize the completed project before we broke ground. The end result of the project is amazing!

Landscape transformation.

When we arrived and saw the original backyard setup, we noticed that the environment felt worn, murky and dismal. It almost had the appearance of being abandoned. This homeowner was badly in need of a renovation.

We completely transformed the backyard and turned the design that was dark and ancient to one that was energetic, classy and relaxing.

We updated the stone walkways. The new stairs look clean, new and reflective. The same is true for the patio itself. The glossy stones add much-needed shine to the backyard. This aspect of our design will really brighten the mood of the homeowners and their guests.


We added shrubs and natural mulch near the stairs to enhance the luxury of the design. The homeowners now have a personal, elegant retreat in the comfort of their own property. They will certainly be entertaining more guests!