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Minneapolis Landscape Lighting

Details of this Minneapolis Landscape Lighting Project

At Dean Bjorkstrand, we are passionate about all types of landscape design. Our specialty with more than 40 years of experience working with Minneapolis homes and properties shows in each additional project we complete. From traditional, wholescale landscape design and implementation, we can provide specific specialty services, like our landscape lighting projects to make any home bring the luster and allure even at night.


Through our initial phone conversation with the client, they indicated they had completed various miscellaneous projects over time through the yard, such as filling in soil and seed along the edges of a new concrete driveway that was installed. Other items included grading and more to make the new driveway and existing yard fit seamlessly with one another.

Experience Brings Results.

The client was very intrigued with our past project portfolio showcasing our breadth of design and build work over the years, especially with homes and properties fitting similar size and ecological characteristics as theirs. As our conversations continued, the project morphed into a much more detailed design project to include a new patio area, planting beds and landscape lighting.

The completed project is a wonderful addition to their beautiful home. It gives our entire team joy to create this lovely space for them to enjoy for years to come.