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Chaska, MN Landscape Design

At Dean Bjorkstrand, our landscape design professionals have specialized in the enrichment and care of home and commercial properties for more than 30 years. We serve customers in Chaska, MN and throughout the Twin Cities.

Lively and stunning.

Chaska, MN Landscape DesignA recommendation from one of our previous customers to a coworker lead to a complete renovation of a home in Chaska, MN.

This home needed a facelift. For many years, the original landscaping was used from the original build of the home.

Improved curb appeal.

We met for a consultation and then created a full yard design drawing. The plan included some natural stone outcroppings placed as steps leading to the side yard from the front yard.

A wooded area was reclaimed by removing a lot of buckthorn and installing groundcover and fern to keep undesirable growth to a minimum.

Grading was needed along with some screening of a pool area and several perennial gardens. Landscape grading can enhance drainage and prevent basement flooding and damage. It is often utilized to shape the landscape surrounding a structure.

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Whether creating a new design or reworking your current landscape –
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