The Top 5 Ornamental Plants for Fall

Summer is over, which means it’s time to swap out for fall-friendly plants. While flowering plants tend to thrive in the spring and summertime, many beautiful blooms are available for fall. With the change in seasons comes a change in colors. Opt-in for profound harvest-colored arrangements, as these vibrant and autumnal hues, take the spotlight this season. Here is a list of flowers that are perfect for fall decorations.

Flowering Kale

Kale is not only to be eaten–it can be put on display! But the flowering kale should not be eaten anyway, as it is technically a different plant than the kale that we eat. This ornamental plant, also commonly referred to as the flowering cabbage, is a robust plant that can bode well in the fall and winter. Rich in texture and color, flowering kale is an excellent addition to any fall floral arrangement. 

Chrysanthemum (Mums)

Chrysanthemum, also commonly referred to as mums, comes in beautifully festive colors that are perfect for this time of year. Shades of orange, yellow, red, and pink are just some of the visually striking shades that this vibrant plant offers. They come in many shapes and sizes, and for this reason, they are one of the most popular fall flowers.


While mums add the perfect amount of seasonal colors to your garden or floral arrangments, flowers, on the other hand, come in almost any color. They are a great way to add cooler tones to your gardens, and when planted in the fall, they will bloom again during the springtime.

Fountain Grass

While fountain grass is technically not a flower, it’s a fantastic accent plant. Fountain grass can also come in deep purple shades, pairing perfectly with other harvest colored flowers. It will add some texture to your floral arrangements.  

Croton Plant

Croton is a houseplant that bodes well in colder climates. It can be placed outside with other floral varieties, but make sure it avoids frost. This vibrantly colored foliage comes in shades of yellow, orange, and purple, and it pairs perfectly with other tones ideal for fall.

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