How to Grow Apples In Your Yard

Apple trees can provide not just tasty treats throughout the season, but they can add to the aesthetic appeal of any yard or garden. It’s not quite as simple as sticking a tree into the ground and benefiting from the fruits of your labor, though. Here are some things to know about growing apples in your garden.

Sun is Vital

For apples to grow, a tree needs a lot of sun. ideally, an apple tree should be placed where it can get at least 8 hours of sun every day. If there is too much shade then the apples will not thrive.


Strangely enough, you need at least 2 apple trees to properly grow apples. Insects do the work of pollinating apple trees from transferring pollen from one apple tree to another. If there is only one tree in your garden, then it becomes harder for the bees to do that work. You don’t need an entire orchard, but a couple of trees will probably provide more apples than your family can handle.

Apple Tree Care

Apple trees do require some TLC to be as productive as possible. Before the growing season, around March, after the coldest temperatures have gone, prune your trees before they begin growing again. This is also the time to apply compost to help with growing.

If you have new trees, they can be planted in April or May when the soil is ready. It is at this time, after frost is no longer an issue, that you can plant potted trees.


Apple trees are susceptible to disease, so keep any eye out for any symptoms. Insect infestation can also be a problem. Be attentive and take action if you suspect these issues.

Growing apple trees is pretty easy, and give you a refreshing treat all year long.

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