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Do Boxelders Cause Any Harm To Your Lawn?

In these fleeting days of beautiful weather, many of us want to enjoy some time on our patios or lawn. However, there is a minor pest that seems to plague the yards and patios of homeowners in September: boxelder bugs.

Boxelder bugs seem to be virtually everywhere. You might be finding them crawling on your patio furniture, your window sills, and even worse–you. While they cause no harm to humans, they are a pest. They often leave stinky odors behind as well. But do they pose any threat to our yard and lawn?

What are Boxelder Bugs?

Boxelders are a type of black and red insect that primarily feed on plants, their favorite being their namesake, the boxelder tree. They are also drawn to ash, maple, and other shade tree saps. Luckily, they do not pose any serious threat to trees.

Why Are They Everywhere?

Boxelder bug invasions can be prevalent in the early days of Fall. This is often due to the cool nights and warm afternoons. However, it can seem like an infestation that happens overnight. They usually congregate on the southern sides of homes, looking for places to hide during the upcoming cooler months. Because they are small insects, they can easily maneuver between the cracks and crevices of homes.

Can You Prevent a Boxelder Bug Infestation?

The best form of combating boxelder bugs is being defensive. Make sure you go around your home’s exterior and cover any crack or hole you find. You can spray a soapy solution along your home and patio exterior as well to deter them away.

You see them crawling all over your patio furniture. You see them congregating at the base of a tree. You find them crawling across the kitchen floor. If you step on them, they leave a telltale odor and purplish stain on the floor. What are these ominous creatures that seem to be everywhere? Well, if they are about 1/2″ long, have a black body, and three red lines crossing their back, then they are Boxelder bugs.

Fortunately, for your lawn, boxelders pose no real threat. They are just merely an annoyance.

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