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Christmas Landscaping Tips

Halloween is officially over, and for many, that means one thing: Christmas! Whether you begin decorating right on November 1, or wait until December, there are always great holiday landscaping tips. Here are the best Christmas decorating ideas that utilize natural elements.

Using Natural Elements in Your Christmas Landscaping

The most common way to decorate your yard for Christmas is by hanging lights on your home and trees. If you are a Christmas lover, then you more than likely have other yard decorations. And while classic decoration styles are always a great start, you should incorporate nature into your holiday designs.

Shrubs and trees can play a critical role in creating a festive scene that will set your house apart from others in the neighborhood. Add some decor to all of your hearty-winter plants. Most people think of evergreen plants as the only “real” symbolic Christmassy plants, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your deciduous trees and other shrubs that are leafless. Their branches and trunks can all make for a great base for fantastic light displays.

What to Plant in Window Boxes

The most common plants that are found in window boxes are annuals. While you won’t be planting annuals anytime soon in the coming frigid months, that doesn’t make your window boxes worthless. For Christmas decorating, and even through winter, you should plant some evergreen boughs, and to make it even more festive, add some ornaments and ribbons!

Go Crazy With Garland

One of the most iconic Christmas decorations is the evergreen garland. It is an incredibly versatile and simple way to add some color and festivity to a snowy yard. They can be wrapped around columns, doors, and pretty much any part of your home’s exterior. Even if you decide to go light with garland, you can still add an incredible amount of visual interest to your home and yard.

Getting creative with how you do your Christmas landscaping can go a long way. Following these tips are a great way to begin your Christmas decorating and have a show-stopping landscape!

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