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The Minnesota Department of Agriculture recently issued a warning to rustic log furniture owners recently. Owners of the material are urged to check for signs of insect infestation in their furniture. MDA investigated two separate accounts of insect infestation in wood furniture in 2016. As a result, they are issuing warnings to log furniture owners to check for signs infestation. Insects can live in this kind of furniture for up to two years. While inhabiting the material, pests cause damage to, and threaten the integrity of the wood. Therefore it is important to know the signs of infestation in order to protect your home and furniture from unwanted intruders. If you own log furniture, learn more about why the MDA issues infestation warning for owners of rustic log furniture.

MDA Issues Infestation Warning For Owners of Rustic Log Furniture

2016 Infestations

MDA investigated two separate infestation incidents last year involving rustic log furniture. A piece of furniture ordered from China to Minnesota contained the brown fir beetle (Callidiellum villosulum). In addition, a piece of rustic walnut log furniture had velvet longhorned beetles (Trichoferus campestris) living inside it. Both pieces of furniture were imported to Minnesota from China. Although MDA and USDA are working with importers and customers to ensure all infested pieces are destroyed, some may still end up in customers homes.

Signs of Infestation

Look for these signs of infestation if you have furniture that was manufactured outside the United States:

• Sawdust – sawdust and residue found around your furniture indicates the presence of pests. Check for sawdust resin resting along the furniture and on the floor surrounding the piece.

• Entry/Exit Holes – small holes or tunnels in the furniture are a sign that insects have burrowed through the wood.

• Damaged Wood – wood or bark that is lose or chips easily indicates the wood was previously infested. As a result, inspect furniture before placing it in your home, or before purchasing it, if possible.

Take Action

There are several steps you can take if you suspect your furniture has been infested. Contact the manufacturer, or the retailer you purchased the furniture from. Inquire about the origins of the piece of furniture to discover if you are at risk. In addition, contact the MDA if you are certain your furniture is or has been infested. For more information, call the experts at Dean Bjorkstrand for further assistance with pest control.