Water Fountains

Water Fountain Installation Services in Minneapolis

Dean Bjorkstrand offers custom water fountain installation services in the Minneapolis area.

Fashionable outdoor water fountains can be a study in tranquility at its highest level. Not only is the water action mesmerizing, these days the color scheme and designs are top-tier. Copper, copper patina, bamboo, sandstone, steel, granite and other construction makes the wonder and beauty of having a slice of nature in the home or business one of the best investments in sprucing up a yard, patio, deck area or other location.

There are some perks to installing a customized water fountain on your property. Following are some of them:

• This is a chic addition to any property, almost trendy in a sense. The idea is not one that everybody implements, but it has become highly popularized in recent years. If a company is top tier or a home is to be considered opulent or even a little over the top, there should probably be a water fountain on the property.

• It adds to the beauty of its environment. This is one way to make a statement that people can interpret in ways that are nothing but positive.

• It can be designed with signature qualities. All types of options are available; including ones with angels, children, animals, symbols and more. By selecting a custom design, you can incorporate a bit of yourself in the design or capture something meaningful about the business.

• They can be an inexpensive way to add to the style and creativity of a property.

• They are low maintenance. This is one way to get water moving at your property without a hefty water bill.

• Listening to and viewing the trickle of water is shown to be very therapeutic.

• It can double as a planter, with a water-savings built-in.

• You can add LED lighting and give it a spruce of color or even rotating colors.

• It showcases craftsmanship and creativity twinned together.

• It can be the center of meditation for visitors to a business, employees or residents in a home.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • I waited until the last minute to get my gutters cleaned, but that wasn't a problem for Dean and his crew!


    Dean created a landscape plan that totally enhanced that part of my lawn which is shady


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