Landscaping Ideas

Are you looking for a way to add an elegant touch to your Minnesota home or commercial property? Below you can find a large collection of landscaping ideas, organized for your convenience:

Home Landscaping Ideas
Commercial Landscaping Ideas
Seasonal Landscaping Ideas


Home Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping is not necessarily the first thing people think of when you mention home design, but it certainly plays an important role in creating an appealing, beautiful space and giving your house more character. In fact, your property is just as important as the rest of your home.

When you consider a landscape design, take into account the time it takes to create a gorgeous backyard and draw up a plan that offers options for modification. Before you draw up a plan, compare different ideas from friends and family or view pictures online to see what would look good on your property. Next, visit a plant nursery and ask for ideas on plants and flowers. Ideally, you want to grow something that looks beautiful and does not require too much effort to maintain.

Here are three home landscaping ideas to get you started:

  • You cannot go wrong with flowers. The key here is to get the right type of flowers for your garden. Things like soil composition and weather should be addressed earlier on, preferably before you go to the plant nursery. Flowers will give your yard more color and if you arrange them in a nice pattern, they can make the entire property come alive. Plant your flowers next to pathways and near the front door. Remember to water them regularly.
  • Enhance your backyard. This is the part of your house that is most likely to suffer from neglect. Unfortunately, the more you ignore your backyard, the worse it looks and the more you want to avoid it. Talk to a landscaping expert about creating a nice, relaxing atmosphere where you can set up a grill or picnic table on the weekends. You can get amazing ideas online just by checking out pictures of beautiful backyards. However, it is always wise to get help from an expert.
  • Kids need a good lawn. How long have you been putting off this landscaping job? Remember that your kids need a proper place to hang out and play, and you can get good exercise by doing some work around your house. Find the right type of grass and flowers to grow within your property this season and see how it brightens your entire home.

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Commercial Landscaping Ideas

In order to ensure consistency in growth, you have to invest time and energy into your business. Part of that is to take the necessary steps to present a professional exterior appearance.

Let’s look at a few landscaping ideas that could benefit your business:

  • Commercial lighting. Lighting fixtures are great for creating beautiful landscapes, especially at night and during gloomy weather. A lot of businesses open early morning – an hour or more before first light – and while this is a good way to establish a strict and professional routine, it is also a good time to show off your best work by illuminating your landscape design. Find a way to integrate bright and colorful commercial lighting into your commercial property and create interesting designs that blend in with the landscape.
  • Spruce up the walkway pavers. No matter what type of business you run or the nature of your clientele, a way to make an impression is to go out of your way to clean up your workplace. Set up a new walkway that shows off some of your designs. If you have an old and battered pathway, it might be costing you a large sum in lost prospects. Nobody wants to walk into a business that has overgrown plants and a messy porch. All it takes is to set up a neat arrangement of stones and flowers.
  • Garden maintenance. Commercial landscape design affords you significant leeway when it comes to the type of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers you decide to use within your property. Just like your neighbors and friends appreciate a well-kept garden, people also respect a nice-looking lawn at a place of business. Look around your property to see how a landscaping service may be of assistance and consider a theme to go with the building and the business in general.

Good landscaping can apply to any piece of land, no matter what lies next to it. It does not cost the world to set up a unique design that adds personality to your business.

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Seasonal Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas MinneapolisSpring Landscaping Ideas

The end of winter may motivate you to begin your landscaping tasks. It is advisable to start a landscaping project early, or prior to the dramatic rise in temperatures. You may want to check out some landscaping inspirations before embarking on your project(s). We have provided some of the best ideas below.

  • Incorporate shrubs. Shrubs are a common phenomenon in spring terrains. Shrubs are long-lasting and durable, making them a good investment for a spring yard. Furthermore, there are many different varieties of shrubs.
  • Integrate flowering trees.Consider the incorporation of a few flowering trees. Such trees can serve as an exquisite addition to your general landscape design. In addition, considering the fact that the cooler winter period can harm baby roots, planting during the spring season will give your roots adequate time to be set. By planting them during the spring season, you can look forward to having sweet-smelling blooms.
  • Add fountains. Another yet popular landscape refurbishment in spring is the addition of fountains. Although this idea is not plant-based, it will certainly refresh your yard’s appearance. This simple task of adding a water feature is very affordable and long-lasting.
  • Begin your planning. Spring is definitely the best time to think about the outlook of your yard. You can plant flowering bulbs now to give them sufficient time for blooming properly.

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Landscaping IdeasSummer Landscaping Ideas

The average family needs a practical and sensible solution to the issue of relaxation and BBQ during Minnesota’s summer weekends. Are you an “outdoor” person with a large family or friend network? You can have a great time entertaining your friends and family on your property. With an ideal backyard, perhaps you can throw a wine-tasting party or some other fun grown-up affair. In addition, your kids can have plenty of gorgeous, custom-designed green space to use for their summer activities.

When you find some free time this season, consider crafting a plan for re-designing your backyard to create a special outdoor environment where you can spend time with the people closest to you. An outdoor living space is an important feature for the modern homeowner because it adds to your existing living space, giving you a relaxing, natural environment to enjoy the outdoors. During the summer, we recommend making the following changes to your landscape:

  • Expand your seating area. You can always put up a new dining area or put up chairs and organize a place for guests to relax, especially during warm weather. Natural accessories such as flagstone are perfect for beautifying your yard.
  • Add a water feature. A waterfall or a fountain can make your backyard stand out and will add value to your home.
  • Lighting is essential. No matter what design you prefer for your landscape, lighting will play a major role in showing what your design entails. If you have a garden, proper lighting will make it comfortable, even at night.
  • Build an outdoor kitchen or set up a nice large grill for events.

As you spend time cultivating your backyard, remember to keep your lawn well maintained and use a good sprinkler system for watering. Contact us at 612-861-3919 or send us an email today to get the best solution for your backyard, and we’ll be happy to turn that space into a paradise.

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Landscaping IdeasFall Landscaping Ideas

Once summer is over, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your property looking beautiful. In fact, some plants are “in their prime” during this season. It is also an excellent time to start preparing for the arrival of spring. We recommend that you use the fall landscaping tips below for inspiration.

  • Keep your garden colorful. Fill any gaps in your flower beds with hardy chrysanthemums, which flower for several weeks and will stick around to keep your garden looking gorgeous for years. These versatile plants are available in many different shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find some that will complement your existing garden perfectly. Tall grasses are another good option and can add interesting shapes and colors to your garden. Zebra grass, for instance, has unique patterning that is sure to grab attention.
  • Grow your own vegetables. It may seem like the wrong time of year for it, but there are many vegetables that grow in cooler weather and are ready to harvest quickly, enabling you to enjoy some homegrown treats before the winter sets in. Others are able to survive the winter months and will then be ready to eat the following spring or summer. The best choices will depend on the climate in your area, but lettuce, kale, carrots, cauliflower, turnips, beets, spinach, peas and radishes are all worth considering.
  • Get ready for the spring. Fall is the perfect time to plant many types of trees, flowers and shrubs. Fruit trees such as apples, pears, plums and apricots are great choices that will continue to give you pleasure for many years. Spring bulbs, such as tulips, crocuses and daffodils should be planted during the fall, ready to make your garden look spectacular when the warmer weather returns. Cooler weather and regular rainfall also makes fall the ideal time for seeding grass, so if your lawn needs a bit of attention or you are planning on creating a new one, it is a great time to do it. Another important job is to protect any delicate plants you may have by bringing them inside or carefully wrapping them up.

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Dean BjorkstrandWinter Landscaping Ideas

When the summer flowers wither and the autumn leaves drop dead on the ground, your garden becomes visibly unattractive during winter. After all, all that remains is bare trees and shrubs.

The good news is that by susing the winter snow to highlight some selected plants and garden structures, you can enjoy great views of your property year-round.

  • Define your garden edges and borders. You cannot possibly see the beauty of your garden or access it with snow covering all the pathways. Pathways help organize garden spaces, seamlessly connect different areas of the garden together and define the areas for the plants by visually and physically separating different sections of the garden. They also allow for the maneuverability of gardening equipment such as wheelbarrows. To clearly define the edges of the paths and the planting beds, use physical borders and carefully position them. They will help expose the pathway edges in the snow while highlighting the plant bed, giving a unique contrast and texture to the garden.
  • Add living sculptures. Bring your winter landscape to life by adding some deciduous trees with branching shapes, attractive bark or winter berries – which can otherwise be called “living sculptures.” Their silhouette in the winter landscape will surely stand out.
  • Decorate your garden. Garden art, sculptures, statues, and birdhouses will all come into the spotlight during winter when there is little foliage to block the views. They can add a decorative charm to your winter landscape while creating a formal feeling and a sense of fun.
  • Feed your birds in winter. Offering food, water and shelter from the harsh weather will attract a wide variety of birds to add color to your property all through the fall and winter months.
  • One space, different personalities. Your pond, arbor and other structures in your garden will change their appearance come winter. For example, the planter boxes and icicles hanging from the bird feeders will reflect beautiful prisms of the sun before slowly melting away. The pond will also take a new shape and design to give your winter landscape an authentic look.
  • The warmth of a fire. Creating a backyard fire pit will provide great warmth to your family and friends during chilly weather. Construct it using natural stone as it will enhance your yard’s architectural beauty.

It can be easy to create an alternate winter landscape only if you plan ahead of the cold season. You will have the chance to enjoy an entirely different view of your property.

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