Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What steps are involved in a typical landscaping project?

Landscaping projects come in different forms. However, in order to create a beautiful, functional and durable landscape the following three stages are necessary: design, installation and maintenance. Every stage is vital to the success of the entire project.

What does the design process involve?

The initial step usually involves meeting with our client and discussing the basics. Our goal is to understand your needs and wishes, ascertain your budget and form an idea of what you have in mind for your property. Owner Dean Bjorkstrand personally discusses and works through the design stage for each client. The next step is visiting the site to get a clear picture of the property we are working with and to know the most suitable approach. Because research involves identifying the existing plant material, photographing the site, spotting existing house elements – such as doors, windows, A/C condensers, etc. – and surveying the grade of the property.

What elements are feature (featured) in a landscape design?

Landscape design and construction is a very broad field. It can entail a simple task that takes just a few hours or a couple of days. It can entail a complex process that may take weeks or even months. Simple landscaping duties include creating a new patio, remodeling the front walkways and detailing the garden and lawn. It can involve a more detailed process such developing the driveway, sidewalks or entryway, dealing with drainage, site grading, creating outdoor living areas and outdoor kitchens or fireplaces.

Is there a distinction between landscape architects, landscape designers landscape contractors?

• Landscape designers mainly provide residential design focusing more on hardscape options, design strategies and plant materials. They create property design ideas, landscape plans, lighting plans, and more. Some of them – including our team – also offer services related to installation, such as plant placement and material selection.

• Landscape architects are licensed to offer the services provided by landscape designers and also provide construction services. They create ready plans for building retaining walls and work with drainage systems and physical structures. Their training focuses mainly on commercial and public spaces such as public parks. They often work on residential landscapes as well.

• Landscape contractors bring the ideas that have been developed by landscape architects or designers to fruition. Some are involved in the design process as well.

Dean Bjorkstrand is a full service landscaping company. We provide both landscape design and construction services.

How long does it take to complete a landscaping project?

The time between a project’s start and completion varies from one project to another. It is influenced by the landscape’s elements such as the size of the property, chosen design, terrain and the issuance of permits. A front foundation can be completed in about 1 week once the proposal has been accepted, while a basic patio may take an additional week. A full development usually takes longer. For example, planning may take 3 to 4 weeks, obtaining permits may take another 3 to 4 weeks, while installation may take 4 to 12 weeks.

What time is best to begin a landscaping project?

The best time to start a project depends on your financial situation, personal preference and the weather. It is advisable to consult with a landscaper to see what your specific landscaping vision might involve. Consulting an expert right from the start, especially when building or renovating your home, will save you time and minimize any unnecessary mistakes. We recommend that you start planning the project at the end of winter or during the fall season.

Is phasing a project easy?

In contrast to a home remodeling project, landscaping your property is much easier and it is generally straightforward. It can be performed in a single phase without breaking it into stages. Nevertheless, to save time and money, it is advisable that you contact a landscaping expert from start to finish and provide them the complete picture of your wishes and requirements.

Do you provide references?

Our references are always available and we provide them to our Minnesota clients on request. This allows them to understand what to expect from our landscaping professionals. By talking to previous and current clients, you will get a chance to learn more about the experience they had working with us.

How much does a landscape design project cost?

To ascertain the cost of a landscape design project, consultation time and the design plan of the project must be considered. Costs are provided for you prior to setting a consultation or creating a design. The costs vary depending on the scope of your project. Most on site consultations cost between $125-$200. Once we see the site a cost for the design can be established, most designs cost between $600 – $2000. Once the design is completed a cost proposal for the various elements of the design is provided. All costs are given prior to work being completed. We bill you what is agreed upon prior to starting the construction process. If project changes are desired or added a cost for that is given as well. It is important for you to understand that we are not a company that will add on to what we originally tell you the costs will be, unless changes are made OR there are extreme unforeseen aspects to the site (causing significant additional labor).