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Landscaping Your Pool Area – Dean Bjorkstrand

A pool can be a great addition to your yard. Not only is it a functional amenity that will provide the family with activities and enjoyment, but it is also an aesthetic addition to your yard. The pool will act like a centerpiece to your yard, so it’s important that you plan landscaping in such a way that it compliments your pool aesthetically and functionality. A lot of it has to do with your personal preferences and the space that you have available. Contact a landscaping specialist and be sure to talk to them about landscaping your pool area this season.


Landscaping Your Pool Area


A pool lit up at night has a very unique aesthetic appeal. This will have a strong influence on how your backyard looks at night. Be mindful when installing lights around and in the pool of how the lights in your garden and yard will compliment the lights in your pool.  Having a well lit pool is also a necessary safety precaution.


Plants can help hide unsightly pool equipment. They also give your pool a more natural look by adding texture and color. When choosing plants make sure that they are low maintenance and won’t require that you pick leaves out of your pool. Also, try not to choose plants that will attract bugs that could be bothersome. Plants can help create privacy around your pool area as well as adding to the overall aesthetic.


Fencing can be a necessary safety precaution if you have young children or pets. While it can look somewhat unnatural, adding vines to your fence can help it blend to the landscape. Fencing also adds an extra level of privacy to your pool.


A patio provides not only a nice place to put outdoor furniture and a grill, but it also can provide safety. Generally pool patios are less slippery provided that they are properly maintained. This is a necessary addition that has lots of options depending on the aesthetic you want for your yard.

If you are thinking about redesigning your pool area or your landscape in general, be sure that you get in touch with Dean Bjorkstrand to plan and execute the best landscape design plan, we look forward to hearing from you!

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