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Water Fountains

Water Fountain Installation Services in Minneapolis

Dean Bjorkstrand offers custom water fountain installation services in the Minneapolis area.

water fountains

Fashionable outdoor water fountains can be a study in tranquility at its highest level. Not only is the water action mesmerizing, these days the color scheme and designs are top-tier. Copper, copper patina, bamboo, sandstone, steel, granite and other construction makes the wonder and beauty of having a slice of nature in the home or business one of the best investments in sprucing up a yard, patio, deck area or other location.

There are some perks to installing a customized water fountain on your property. Following are some of them:

• This is a chic addition to any property, almost trendy in a sense. The idea is not one that everybody implements, but it has become highly popularized in recent years. If a company is top tier or a home is to be considered opulent or even a little over the top, there should probably be a water fountain on the property.

• It adds to the beauty of its environment. This is one way to make a statement that people can interpret in ways that are nothing but positive.

• It can be designed with signature qualities. All types of options are available; including ones with angels, children, animals, symbols and more. By selecting a custom design, you can incorporate a bit of yourself in the design or capture something meaningful about the business.

• They can be an inexpensive way to add to the style and creativity of a property.

• They are low maintenance. This is one way to get water moving at your property without a hefty water bill.

• Listening to and viewing the trickle of water is shown to be very therapeutic.

• It can double as a planter, with a water-savings built-in.

• You can add LED lighting and give it a spruce of color or even rotating colors.

• It showcases craftsmanship and creativity twinned together.

• It can be the center of meditation for visitors to a business, employees or residents in a home.

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  • Dean created a landscape plan that totally enhanced that part of my lawn which is shady


    Dean Bjorkstrand have cleaned our gutters for years now. They have always been reliable and done good work. Very responsive to calls and emails, too.


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